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book cover of A Wound Deeper Than Pride by Ali ScottA Wound Deeper Than Pride
Ali Scott
Sophia Rose
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

A second chance at romance arises out of a near tragedy and both are determined to show they’ve learned from the mistakes of the past.

Ali Scott is a relatively new to me author. I enjoyed a previous release for the way she developed her characters and their romance and engaged my emotions. A Wound Deeper Than Pride is a quick-read novella, but it was much the same with the strong development of those elements that attracted me before.

A Wound Deeper Than Pride is a variation on Austen’s Pride & Prejudice that interrupts the original storyline after Mr. Darcy makes his disastrous proposal to Miss Elizabeth in Hunsford. Those who are familiar with the story will know what led up to the proposal. However, readers new to the P&P story won’t struggle to grasp the variation storyline of a man who took a verbal lashing for presuming a lot of things when he proposed marriage to a woman who was definitely operating under quite a few wrong notions about said gentleman.

A letter from Darcy clears up much of what she got wrong about him, but, she wasn’t entirely wrong, either, so a carriage accident right outside Mr. Darcy’s home and Miss Elizabeth and her friend needing prompt medical care as a result is the catalyst for the pair getting a chance to begin afresh.

The angst is low and tone is tender and hesitant particularly with the awkwardness of forced proximity right after their last stormy encounter. It all happens quickly, but not unbelievably as Darcy processes Elizabeth’s charges against him, smarting under her opinion of his character, and then deciding when he sees her almost get killed, realize that he still loves her and wants another chance. Elizabeth, too, does a quick reversal of feelings after now, in his home among his servants and family, she sees the real Darcy and how much she misunderstood about his character.

It takes the surrounding cast who add more depth from Mrs. Ainsley’s motherly advice to the Colonel’s humorous help and another incident to get them to the point.

So, this was a quickly read sweet and satisfying second chance at romance set well in the Regency era backdrop that I can recommend to those who enjoy stories in Austen’s world or sweet historical romance, in general.

My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

Elizabeth’s rejection of him had been excruciating, but that pain was nothing to the horrible realisation that she might be taken from him before his very eyes. In that terrible heartbeat, he had known what it was to truly lose her.

Still reeling from Mr Darcy’s unexpected proposal in Kent, Elizabeth Bennet dearly wishes that she could start their acquaintance anew. Returning to London, she is desperate for a distraction, and turns her attention to her poor, lovelorn sister. An impulsive decision leads to disaster and Elizabeth finds herself unexpectedly under Mr Darcy’s care. Can their time together be enough for her to learn the true depth of his character?

Fitzwilliam Darcy wholeheartedly regrets asking for Elizabeth Bennet’s hand in marriage. Unable to forget her, he withdraws from the world around him, certain that he will never see the lovely Miss Bennet again. In a twist of fate, they meet once more, but this time she is need of his assistance. Being around her at such close quarters is exquisite torment, but can he do enough to atone for his past rudeness?

A Wound Deeper Than Pride is a second chance romance variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Release Date: November 6, 2023
Quills & Quartos
Historical Romance
paperback (244 pages), e-book
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