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Book cover of The Grumpy Billionaire by Annika MartinThe Grumpy Billionaire
Annika Martin
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

Hugh is Stella’s older brother’s childhood best friend, and he spent a lot of time at her family’s home because of stability issues in his family. Both Stella and Hugh harbored a secret crush on the other, but Hugh couldn’t cross the “best friend’s sister” line and Stella assumed Hugh hated her because she was so outrageous. Fast forward to the present, and Stella finds herself out of work. Even though she told them not to interfere, her family asks Hugh to find Stella a job. Now she works at his office, and fireworks explode from the moment they see one another again.

The Grumpy Billionaire is a fast-paced, humor-packed rom com, written with Martin’s trademark flare for the outrageous. There is something about Martin’s characters that draw me in, and I want them to succeed. Stella and Hugh are adorable together once they get past old hangups and pain. The story plays out with an enemies-to-lovers vibe until the air clears. 

Stella harbors a lot of baggage. Despite not seeing him for a decade or more, Stella has wanted Hugh for so long and has seriously dated men that match his cold, perfectionist profile. And the guys always leave her because she’s “too much.” So when Hugh wants more from Stella than a tawdry affair, she does everything she can to keep her emotional distant out of fear he’ll break her heart and she won’t recover. 

While I loved both characters, I worried about their mental and emotional well-being. Based on their actions, there may be indications of neurodevelopmental disorders in both, and there are definitely major emotional scars. There is a brief mention of some therapy, but by-and-large their well-being is handled via self-help or brushed over. It made me a bit uneasy that the behavior and issues are used more for comic relief than emotional investment.

Despite my concerns, Martin writes an engrossing tale with characters I adore. As always, I cannot put her book down and end up loving it in the end. The Grumpy Billionaire is another fun-filled, standalone rom com from one of my favorite authors.

My Rating: B+

About the Book:

I’m the most feared man on Wall Street…unfortunately, my best friend’s little sister hasn’t gotten the memo.

I brandish equations like lightning bolts and shatter fortunes with mere scribbles on a whiteboard. People up and down Wall Street steer clear of me—or come to regret it.

My walls are impenetrable as Alcatraz, and my self-control? Rock solid, my friend.

Except when it comes to her.

The woman I’ve secretly longed for. The only woman I can never have.

My best friend’s little sister, Stella.

Growing up, she saw me as a heartless robot. It couldn’t be further from the truth, but a promise I made to her brother binds me, and my code of honor is as rigid as my isosceles triangle.

I hadn’t laid eyes on her for years, but now she’s in the heart of Manhattan, and I’ve unintentionally sent her career into a nosedive. My solution? Offer her a job at my hedge fund.

Suddenly I’m the boss of her, faced daily with her sparkling eyes and gummy worm obsession–and her infuriating refusal to stay away from me.

Well, I buried my feelings for her once before. I’ll do it again—to the nth degree.

Release Date: November 16, 2023
Standalone; Billionaires of Manhattan #8
Contemporary Romance, Rom-Com
paperback (352 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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