Sunday Snippet: Forging Glory by Lainey Davis

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Forging Glory

Author: Lainey Davis
Publisher: Lainey Davis
Release Date: December 19, 2023
Series: Forging Book 1
Genre: new adult/sports romance


Book cover of Forging Glory by Lainey Davis“Yoga for athletes” is not how I predicted I’d spend my afternoon while my professional soccer team travels to Louisville for a match without me, but Coach…my uncle…suggested I work on my flexibility to really give myself a chance at a roster spot.

It’s been a bit of a blow to my pride coming into the team as a permanent bench warmer. When I left my senior year of college to sign with a professional team, I definitely thought I’d roll into town a star player. Until I prove myself, I spend my days as “generic defender” during drills while the starters work on game strategy. These days, it feels like everyone views me as generically expendable, from my coach on down to the woman I met at the tryout camp.

My career has to be my focus right now. There’s only so much time to claw my way onto a professional soccer lineup and I’ll do anything necessary to be one of those starters.

So here I am, running late as I make my way to Pipe Fitters, a fitness studio in the east end of the city where I’m told the staff is discreet and the clientele won’t post pictures of me on social media.

Class is in session when I hustle in the door, and I kick off my shoes near the studio as I grab the last mat from the bin. I try to shake it open somewhere in the back row, but the teacher smiles and waves me toward a spot near the front.

My knees lock when I see that, of course, the space is next to Cara Moreno. Great.

It’s been bad enough trying to avoid her at the stadium for the past month while everyone raves about how great she is on the field. Now I have to pretend she didn’t stomp all over my emotions as we sit side by side and open our chakras, or whatever we’re doing in yoga class.

I could leave now, watch a yoga video on YouTube or something, but I want to play professional soccer more than I want to avoid this woman, so I grunt, adjust my shorts, and plop the mat into place as the teacher welcomes us all to take our place.

Cara doesn’t see me yet because she’s bent over, stretching with her perfect ass in the air. My brain immediately flashes to an image of me behind her in the shower, Cara bent over just like that as I soaped her spine and played with her clit.

Cara finally looks at me as I settle in. I try to keep my face neutral and look forward, but I see her in my periphery. She appears … hurt. Confused? Screw that.

“This will be a restorative practice, meant to open your hips, relax your spine, and ease those knots in your busy shoulders.” The teacher’s voice is soothing as she paces the floor between the rows of mats. It occurs to me that maybe yoga is the secret sauce that keeps Cara in her starting spot, even as a rookie.

A quick glance around shows me a few pro football guys, a hockey player I recognize. I feel better, more at ease knowing I’m among likeminded professional athletes. Do I even get to call myself that since I haven’t played one minute of pro soccer yet? If my uncle thinks this will get me where I need to be, I’ll fold my foot in half and drag a knuckle down my arch like the teacher suggests.

As I work my toes apart, I keep seeing Cara from the corner of my eye. Her toes are painted burgundy now, and I wish I wasn’t thinking about how beautifully that color contrasts with her tan skin.

“Give each of your toes a little tug and feel the blood moving into them.” The teacher pats me on the shoulder gently, pulling my concentration back to the intense stretch in my feet. The last time I played with a foot, it was Cara’s. And now I’m hard in yoga class thinking about her toes in my mouth.

I’m relieved when we switch to some hip opener poses, even more so when we rotate so I’m facing away from her. Until I realize this means she’s staring at my ass as I widen my stance and hinge my hips forward.

It’s fair to say my concentration is not where it needs to be if I’m going to draw the full benefit from this class, and I try my best to focus on my breath, to listen to the instructor. Until she says we are going to rely on a partner for the next series of hip poses.

I close my eyes, willing her to pair me with the linebacker on my right instead of the gorgeous woman messing with my feelings. “Cara, I’m going to ask you to team up with our newcomer today, if that’s alright with you?”

I feel the teacher’s hand on my arm as she turns me toward my one night stand. Cara pinches her lips together, looking everywhere but into my eyes. Whatever. I lie on my back with my knees bent and my feet on the floor, staring at the ceiling like I’m about to endure a medical procedure. When instructed, I pull one knee toward my chest and tip my foot toward the ceiling, wondering where the partner part comes into play.

“Okay, class. Let’s have our standing yogi press a palm into our stretching partner’s foot. Yes, just like that, Dustin. See how Jameel’s hip is slowly stretching?”

I refuse to look as Cara’s palm connects with the arch of my foot. I close my eyes, accepting this delicious stretch, but I can’t focus on it too much because my junk is going to create a problem. By the time we switch to the other side, I’m fully erect and I open my eyes to see Cara kneeling between my legs. Her face hovers a foot above my crotch as she presses onto my foot.

My eyes connect with hers and I know she knows how my body is responding. If I had any say in the matter, I’d be flaccid, or better yet, I wouldn’t be here at all.

A cramp burns in my lower back and I groan, rolling out of the stretch and rocking back and forth on the mat until the teacher arrives to talk me through a pose that releases the pain.

About the Book:

My only dream was going pro…until she blazed back into my life.

Cara Moreno – my biggest regret – just signed with the women’s soccer team in my city. I tell myself to keep my distance…but I can’t stay away.

She says the most powerful man in the sport is set on destroying her career. That behind closed doors, he’s hurting her and everything she’s worked for.

I doubted her once before and rejected her. Now, I’ll do anything to make things right and protect what’s ours. 

Exposing the truth means risking my career. But how can I chase my dreams knowing hers are slipping away? 

With both our futures on the line, I’m ready to risk it all and expose the truth. Losing her once was devastating enough. I won’t let her down a second time. 

What we share is electric, and protecting her feels worth any sacrifice. This time, I’ll fight for her trust…and hopefully her heart.

A high-stakes, sizzling sports romance, Forging Glory delivers courage, second chances, and a fight for love against all odds.

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About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Lainey Davis lives in Pittsburgh with 3 feral sons, 2 rescued rabbits, and 1 tired husband. She writes steamy, contemporary love stories with grouchy heroes, strong heroines, and plenty of fiascos. She’s excited to find out how much coffee is too much. Find Lainey online at