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book cover of Alien Disgraced by Cara BristolAlien Disgraced
Cara Bristol
Sophia Rose
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

In the previous series installment, Alien Undone, a shocking betrayal happens, but all was not quite what it seems.  I was eager to press forward to discover the next part of the story involving a certain Araset Prince and a young, spunky human woman.

The Forbidden Bonds series books are standalone sci-fi romances, but there is an overarching series plot that builds throughout the series.  The world was introduced in previous books.  So, yes, definitely don’t skip out on reading them in order.

Lomax is the second born son and prince.  His tasks up until now have been goodwill tours and light diplomatic work.  Suddenly, he finds himself in the thick of the war the League of Planets is waging against the Galactic Justice Warriors, a terrorist organization with compelling propaganda.  

The League of Planets is already struggling to clean their own house after discovering some of their own were part of the alien trafficking scheme and also infiltrated by the GJW.  Lots of political intrigue and now Lomax is in the humiliating position of house arrest and a need for mental de-programming.  His mind a ticking time bomb that can trigger him to be a soldier for the GJW with a mere word.

Kat doesn’t believe Lomax is a traitor. She won’t even let Lomax tell her being around him is dangerous.  Besides a psychic specialist is there to help fix the triggers in his mind.  She doesn’t want to miss a minute together since she has to leave for the human New Earth colony soon.  She’s fallen hard and Lomax has too.  But, between his status as a prince with a father not thrilled about alien races and his precarious situation with the LOP, Lomax’s own love for Kat seems doomed.

I confess that at first, I was not into Kat.  She totally lives in her own love-drenched world.  ‘I love him so he couldn’t have done those terrible things’ even in the face of her honest, sensible friends, Lomax’s friends and family, oh and more than one government agency including Lomax himself telling her was just too naïve.  I get standing by a guy, but do it with your eyes open.

Fortunately, she does clue in and I was able to get cozy in their romance and whew, yeah, the exciting surprise twists that brought great action moments and some nail-biting suspense.

Another stellar entry in the series that read fast and left me wanting the next book as soon as I could get it.  The last human woman is set to leave for the human colony and I can’t wait to see what alien Cara Bristol has in mind for her.  Sci-fi Romance lovers really need to jump on this series.

The Forbidden Bonds series is a light sci-fi romance series that packs a suspenseful punch, and I heartily recommend it to others.

My Rating: A-
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

Is her alien Prince Charming a coldhearted killer?

When Kat Whalen meets Prince Lomax of Araset, a tall, handsome alien with curved horns and luxurious fur, he instantly charms her with his good humor, wit, and kindness. Although their romance is brief—duty demands he attend an important interplanetary summit—the love bond that forms is deep. Heartbroken when he leaves, Kat knows she’ll never forget the gentle alien man and hopes one day they’ll meet again.

Prince Lomax remembers reluctantly bidding goodbye to the lovely human woman, Kat Whalen, before shuttling off to a League of Planets summit meeting. The next thing he knows, he’s in a detention facility, arrested on charges of conspiracy and insurrection. He has no memory of anything in between, but the theory is that he was brainwashed into joining the Galactic Justice Warriors, a group of violent anarchists plotting to overthrow the League of Planets.
In disgrace and despair, he’s sent home to Araset to await deprogramming and adjudication of the charges. His only support comes from Kat, who refuses to leave his side, convinced he is still the kindhearted, gentle man who captured her heart.

Although the prince seems normal, he is still under the influence of the mind control, which makes him a danger to everyone around him. It is only a matter of time before something triggers him, and he snaps. Can he be deprogrammed before he involuntarily hurts the woman he loves? Or will their bond be the one thing that saves her?

Release Date: February 12, 2024
Cara Bristol
Forbidden Bonds #4
Sci-Fi Romance
paperback (255 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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