Review: Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man by Violet Marsh

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book cover of Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man by Violet MarshLady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man
Violet Marsh
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Lady Charlotte’s parents want her to marry for prestige, so it doesn’t matter to them that the previous two wives of the Viscount Hawley died under suspicious circumstances. Determined to get out the betrothal, Lady Charlotte starts a dangerous investigation into the viscount.

Overall, Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man is a fun story, although the title is a bit off-putting since there is only one man she goes after – Hawley’s younger brother, Matthew. Charlotte is self-sufficient and sharp. She knows she needs to break from her parents and finds a way to do so. She speaks her mind and is a bit naive, but is willing to learn from others and her own mistakes. Matthew is an introvert partially because of the torment from his older brothers and father. He was lucky he found a father-figure in Mr. Stewart and discovered purpose in his own life. I love historical romances with progressive women and their forward-thinking men.

Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man is an HEA romance, but the romance often is secondary to the plot of stopping Hawley. The story focuses on Charlotte gaining her independence and escaping her betrothal. There is also a subplot featuring Matthew and his secret life. It serves to show Matthew’s true nature and also allows him to realize Charlotte isn’t the high-society lady he believes her to be. 

The romance between Charlotte and Matthew is slow-burn and sweet. The pair are friends from youth, as Matthew is her twin brother Alexander’s best friend. While they admired one another, they didn’t think about a romance until they recently met again at the Black Sheep. Whereas Matthew thinks his station is too lowly for Charlotte (it is), she presses forward and pursues Matthew. It’s very chase and sweet and does not dominate the book. 

In the end, Lady Charlotte does get her man, and I hope the author gives us more titles set in the saucy Black Sheep coffee house.

My Rating: B Liked It — Recommend

About the Book:

Lady Charlotte Lovett should have never run away upon discovering her betrothal. But when one has been promised to a man who, rumor has it, killed his previous two wives, one does what one must. The only thing that can get her out of this engagement is proving that Viscount Hawley is as sinister as she thinks he is. And the person who would know best is his very own brother.

In many ways, Dr. Matthew Talbot is the exact opposite of his sibling—scholarly, shy, and shunned by society. But like his brother, he has secrets, and he doesn’t need Charlotte exposing them in her quest to take down the viscount. It only seems prudent to help her while keeping her from poking her nose in all the wrong places.  But as they put their hearts at risk to grow closer to each other, they are also getting closer to a dangerous confrontation with Hawley.

Release Date: March 5, 2024
Historical Romance
paperback (336 pages), e-book, audiobook
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