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book cover of The Puzzled Heiress by Lyndsay ConstableThe Puzzled Heiress
Lyndsay Constable
Sophia Rose
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

If Professor Moriarty had a daughter and if he left her a mysterious legacy after his death, the game would be afoot. Sometimes a reader and book are the most brilliant match up and that is well before a single page gets read. I took one look at the title and synopsis and there was really not a doubt in the world I would be simpatico with The Puzzled Heiress.

This is never a bad thing when a book has me laughing from the opening pages. Pomona Moriarty leaped as a character to fill my mind and senses from the earliest words. She’s a young woman with a forensic mind and artistic soul choosing to be an independent career woman. Her mother was a gifted stage actress and the world’s Sherlock Holmes fans know the villainous genius she had for a father. It was easy to see she is something of both parents.

The Puzzled Heiress is a treasure hunt at heart, but as a jigsaw puzzle lover, I was glad that many of the clues were a handful of puzzle pieces that were discovered each time she successfully figured out where to go or what to keep an eye out for next.  Naturally, the hunt is complicated by her father’s surviving henchmen and rivals who want Moriarty’s hidden stash and his secrets and Scotland Yard in the form of a young detective trying to make a name for himself- another Lestrade, yes.

Pomona’s determined to go lone wolf even when she is faced with the menacing danger, but she’s not helpless.  Her mother taught her some protection moves, but most of all taught her how to act and the world of acting with disguise and character changes. Pomona comes across as a light, fluffy art lover when she secretly draws and paints well enough for independent wealth and she’s shrewd so doesn’t get taken advantage of very often. She wants to trust big, protective Liam Lestrade with what she knows, but she has to be sure that he would be interested in a true partnership and not be like his father who happily took credit for Sherlock Holmes’ brilliant casework.  

Her ladies’ maid is her only companion and they were a hoot together.  I loved seeing their deep friendship that was obvious even though they were employer and employee.

The treasure hunt takes the scenes to some great places and situations.  I loved that this had some spikes of danger or little thrills as it went though was overall a cozy in feel.

But, most of all, I loved this was part of the Victorian Sherlock Holmes’ world and it ended in a grand way and left room for further adventures for Pomona.

More than satisfied and left wanting more, I can heartily recommend The Puzzled Heiress to Holmsians or cozy historical mystery fans alike.

My Rating: A Loved It
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

An inheritance of villainy. Masterful forgeries of art. An unusually handsome inspector. Pomona Moriarty must unravel it all to prevent a crime that could rock the world.

Pomona Moriarty, the artistic, quirky, half-American daughter of the notorious Professor James Moriarty, finds herself on the trail of clues, puzzle pieces, and artwork that taxes her mind and creativity to the limit. Her journey exposes her to danger at every turn throughout Victorian England as old confederates of her father attempt to steal her inheritance. Can Pomona utilize her knowledge of art to unravel the mystery and prevent her father’s last, most dastardly crime being committed from beyond his watery grave? With her faithful lady’s maid and the distractingly fascinating Inspector Liam Lestrade to aid her through her worst scrapes, Pomona doggedly pursues each clue to complete the puzzle and prevent her father from executing his final, most vicious deed.

Release Date: December 15, 2023
Lyndsay Constable
Pomona Moriarty #1
Historical Mystery
paperback (259 pages), e-book
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