Review: Ferocious Flea Market Dragons by Shawntelle Madison

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Book cover of FEROCIOUS FLEA MARKET DRAGONS by Shawntelle MadisonFlea Market Dragons
Shawntelle Madison
Rating: B-/C+

What I’m Talking About:

Picking up a few days after the conclusion of the previous book, Nat and her family are on the run, trying to protect Nat from Diana’s vicious hellhounds while searching for a magic seed that will spawn a champion to help protect her.

While I didn’t expecting it heading into this book, it appears that Ferocious Flea Market Dragons may be the final book in the Flea Market Magic Mysteries. Overall, this was a decent wrap up to the series-long storyline of Diana the Huntress going after Nat. I loved seeing all of her family and friends come together in support of Nat, who has always been there for everyone else. She’s no longer a weak, lone wolf, but a strong alpha female. She’s made peace with her issues (while continuing to work with Dr. Frank and the group), and she’s confident in her relationships with others. I enjoyed watching Nat over the course of two series become the person she is now. 

While I was pleased with the general direction of the book, some of the individual events felt isolated, giving the story a bit of a choppy feel. First, a big deal is made over the fact that the entire family goes on the run, yet they literally go a few states away and settle down in a group of cabins. There they solve a mystery, pick up the magic seed, and head home. That’s not “going on the run” in my book. And within that time, they take on the task of figuring out who/what is killing fae, but then we find out the townsfolk knew all along. The entire plotline seemed a bit forced. 

I also didn’t love how Nat and Diana resolved their issues. It seemed a bit anti-climactic, other than the battle with the hellhounds, which are defeated in a manner that was confusing for me. 

In the end, while I did like the book and enjoy the series, Ferocious Flea Market Dragon didn’t flow well from beginning to end, making it hard to follow at times. I also didn’t enjoy the overuse of magic and the ease with which some big conflicts were resolved. With that said, I will pick up and read any future titles set in this world because I enjoy the characters so much.

My Rating:  B-/C+

About the Book:

Natalya Stravinsky and her boisterous Russian family are on the hunt for a champion to protect Nat from the ultimate threat.

Not long after a harrowing confrontation with one of the goddess Diana’s hellhounds, Nat’s family makes the difficult decision to leave South Tom’s River New Jersey to find an enchanted seed capable of summoning a great a dragon.

But the seed comes at a steep Nat must uncover a mysterious killer who’s been hunting innocent supernaturals in a hidden forest community. With a vengeful goddess and her relentless hounds on her trail, Nat must summon her inner strength in order to apprehend the killer, and summon the dragon before she becomes one of Diana’s hunting hounds for all eternity.

Release Date: February 29, 2024
Valkyrie Rising Press
Flea Market Magic #4 (Coveted Series #7)
Urban Fantasy
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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