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book cover of Holidays With Jane: Will You Be Mine Anothology Holidays With Jane: Will You Be Mine?
Rebecca Fleming, Jennifer Becton, Jessica Gray, Nancy Kelley, Melissa Buell, Claudia Grey
Sophia Rose
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

Romance with a capital ‘R’ can be found in these sweeter-than-Valentine-candy contemporary Jane Austen retellings.  This is my fourth visit to the Holidays With Jane series, and I settled in for the familiar cozy charm, low-angst, entertaining romances.  I could anticipate enjoying cover to cover satisfaction and got it.

With each release in the Holidays With Jane anthology series, which can be read in any order, these six authors write short novellas with each retelling a different Jane Austen novel against the holiday setting.  Not only do the six authors interweave locations such as the Mansfield Perk coffee shop or certain fictious towns, but they draw a plot piece or character mention from each other’s stories to add some understated cohesiveness to the story collection.  

Faithful to the major characters and plots of Jane Austen’s original six novels, nonetheless the stories draw on the authors’ originality and creative choices for situation and location.  There are even crossings of genre lines with at least one going full on paranormal romance with a ghostly mystery at the heart of things.

Naturally, I was drawn more deeply to some stories more than others, but in truth, I liked all well.  The Valentine’s Day holiday is given full billing in each with a different twist on how it is woven in.  The romances are all hitting different romance tropes: second chance, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, workplace.

In summary, I was replete with romance with these sweetheart set of stories.  Whether one is familiar with Austen’s original tales or not, the Holidays With Jane can be appreciated as sweet holiday contemporary romances.

My Rating: A
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

Holidays with Jane: Will You Be Mine?

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day as the talented authors of the Holidays with Jane series bring you six more modern adaptations of Jane Austen’s classic novels. This candy heart is filled with chocolates, roses, and happily ever afters!

Design by Chance by Rebecca M. Fleming

Life has been a series of second guesses for Gracie Elliot since she called off her engagement to sought-after ring designer Derek Worth. Eight years later, Derek is back in Northanger, Georgia helping his sister plan a Valentine’s Gala and Gracie wonders if she has a second chance to design her love story.

Fangirl by Jennifer Becton

Catherine Moreland is a graphic designer by day and paranormal romance fangirl by night. Hoping to live out her supernatural fantasy, she jumps at the opportunity to spend Valentine’s weekend at the most haunted inn in Savannah, Georgia. Will Catherine’s fantasy become reality? Or is she just a silly fangirl?

Accidentally in Love by Jessica Grey

Chawton High theater teacher Marianne Wood is no stranger to drama. Her breakup with a fellow teacher is the gossip of the school. Marianne’s sworn off dating co-workers—and maybe even men in general, but every time she turns around, football coach Drew Brandon is tempting her to change her mind. As the dreaded Valentine’s Day dance approaches, will Marianne learn that drama-free doesn’t have to mean boring?

Cupid’s Secret by Nancy Kelley

Emma Woodhouse is Highbury’s Cupid. She’s been matching her friends up since high school, and now, she owns a business sending secret admirer notes.
But as the Valentine’s Eve Gala approaches, one of her arrows goes awry. Plus, someone is wooing Jen Fairfax, and Emma doesn’t know who it is.
Can she regain her magic touch in time to find true love herself, or will Cupid have a lonely heart this Valentine’s Day?

Concealed Spark by Melissa Buell

Living with the Bertram family in order to attend prestigious Sotherton Academy is Felicity Price’s best prospect for a college scholarship. It isn’t all bad given that she is able to see Everett Bertram frequently. Felicity hopes that the True Hearts Ball will be when Everett finally sees her true heart. After concealing love for so long, can it spark to life?

Pride and Productions by Cecilia Gray

All actress Liz Benoit wants for Valentine’s Day is to wrap filming on the Heartfield movie so she can write the screenplay that’s been bumping around in her brain. Sure, the town of Heartfield is charming, but she’s had her fill of working side by side with insufferable producer Darcy Williams, who never wanted to cast her in the first place. Fortunately for Liz and Darcy, Heartfield has a way of making people fall in love—with the town and with each other.

Release Date: January 18, 2017
Publisher: Self-published
Holidays With Jane #6
Contemporary Romance
paperback (350 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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