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book cover of The Love Remedy by Elizabeth EverettThe Love Remedy
Elizabeth Everett
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting Ms. Everett’s characters again. Lucy and Thorne are smart, strong, complicated characters who learn a lot about themselves and each throughout the book. They are both devoted to their families, often at a great cost to themselves, and it was fun and enlightening watching them learn to find a way to balance their love of family, sense of duty, and their desire to come together. Their chemistry is evident from the moment they meet and builds into the love making scenes Ms. Everett’s readers know her for.

It was fun to visit with some of Ms. Everett’s former characters at Athena’s Retreat and get to know new secondary characters like Juliette, David, and Mr. Gentry. They add depth to a novel that could have come off preachy with its focus on the expectations of women along with their health and reproductive rights, many of which haven’t changed much despite the massive passing of time. That social commentary was my only complaint with the book, not because I don’t agree with their overall ideas being tackled, but because of Lucy and Thorne’s inability to actually discuss it. Each time the topic is broached it becomes heated to the point of argument, and although I understand these are highly emotional topics even today, I feel Lucy and Thorne would have found a way to discuss the topic working to understand each other’s views. Instead I felt like Thorne was almost forced to agree because we never see any real conversation.

Overall, Ms. Everett presents a strong, intelligent, relevant story filled with well written characters that are witty, complex, and worth cheering for. If you enjoy historical romance with a swoon-worthy hero and a strong, smart heroine who are tackling social norms while tackling each other, then you’ll enjoy The Love Remedy.

My Rating: B

About the Book:

When a Victorian apothecary hires a stoic private investigator to protect her business, they learn there’s only one way to treat true love—with a happily ever after.

When Lucinda Peterson’s recently perfected formula for a salve to treat croup goes missing, she’s certain it’s only the latest in a line of misfortunes at the hands of a rival apothecary. Outraged and fearing financial ruin, Lucy turns to private investigator Jonathan Thorne for help. She just didn’t expect her champion to be so . . . grumpy?

A single father and an agent at Tierney & Co., Thorne accepts missions for a wide variety of employers—from the British government to wronged wives. None have intrigued him so much as the spirited Miss Peterson. As the two work side by side to unmask her scientific saboteur, Lucy slips ever so sweetly under Thorne’s battered armor, tempting him to abandon old promises.

With no shortage of suspects—from a hostile political group to an erstwhile suitor—Thorne’s investigation becomes a threat to all that Lucy holds dear. As the truth unravels around them the cure to their problems is clear: they must face the future together.

Release Date: March 19, 2024
Berkley Publishing
The Damsels of Discovery #1 (The Secret Scientists of London #4)
Historical Romance
paperback (351 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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