Review: The Sitcom Star by Jackie Lau

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Book cover of The Sitcom Star by Jackie LauThe Sitcom Star
 Jackie Lau
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

There is something about Lau’s characters that keeps me coming back for more. They are real, even if they are famous sitcom stars. They have worries and flaws that make their journeys more interesting; making the HEA more rewarding. Adrian and Maddie are no exception. Childhood friends that haven’t spoken in twenty years, the pair experiences a re-meet-cute when Adrian comes out of a tea shop and runs into Maddie. Once she recognizes him, she’s a bit excited to reconnect. She lives a lonely life as a workaholic TV star, and the pandemic has exacerbated the situation. She has a lot of stress and is trying to relax during her break but finding it difficult. 

Adrian is Maddie’s opposite. Where she is driven, he does the minimum needed to move forward. He’s not a slacker, but he’s content moving at the pace he’s moving. He is able to connect with Maddie and help her relax in ways that nothing else has done for her. They have fun just hanging out and getting to know one another again. 

Although The Sitcom Star is a quick read, the author does a good job of selling that Maddie and Adrian are falling in love. They have reservations, but are both at the point in their lives that they are willing to go for it, especially since the other makes them feel special and loved. It’s a spark and more.

It’s not a long nor deep book, and that’s okay. However, I wish there had been space for a more in-depth look at Maddie’s family dynamics. I guess it’s enough to know she didn’t feel loved and supported and resents that they’ve jumped on the bandwagon now. However, I think she needs to unpack this and deal with it rather than avoid and complain. 

One last note: the author includes the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions in The Sitcom Star. I think it’s the first contemporary romance I’ve read that includes so much detail in the everyday lives of the characters, and it seemed a bit weird to to me, especially since social interactions have returned to pre-pandemic behavior where I live and I’ve travelled. The pandemic is still very much a part of the characters’ lives and the world they live in.

My Rating: B

About the Book:

Adrian Ma hasn’t seen his childhood crush in years—until she appears on his TV screen.

Maddie Ng, the co-creator and star of Chu’s Restaurant, clearly has a different life from Adrian, an easygoing web developer who spends his free time hanging out with friends, babysitting his nephew, and eating fried chicken. Sure, it might not be Hollywood, but Maddie’s gorgeous face appears in ads for Canada’s hit sitcom all over Toronto.

He doesn’t expect to see her in real life.

He certainly doesn’t expect to spill bubble tea all over her.

Their chance encounter leads to him teaching an overworked Maddie how to relax, and to his surprise, the attraction isn’t one-sided.

Yet as things heat up between them, Adrian wonders how long this can last. He wants to be the man who loves and supports her behind the scenes, but he’s not sure that’s possible.

After all, she’s Maddie Ng, the sitcom star, and he’s just a regular guy.

Release Date: February 13, 2024
Chu’s Restaurant #1
Contemporary Romance
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