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Seeking Truth in a Dangerous World

by Sarah Carmichael (Rosinski)

As a writer, I have become an observer of personality traits. In the past few years I’ve been fascinated with why people lie, due to a few real-life situations I’ve experienced. Covert narcissism is my latest deep dive. 

Book cover of Soul Hacker by Sarah RosinskiNarcissistic personalities are expert manipulators. They’ll do anything to convince others to believe what they say. They may be unusually emotional at times, playing the victim of past circumstances. Often, they use well-rehearsed vocabulary the average conversation doesn’t require to ensure others are aware of their higher level of intelligence. When faced with adversity, they may relay dramatic life rules that sound spiritual and advanced, but which leave others more puzzled than enlightened. In their mind they are high above the standard human existence. They feel incomparable to the rest of us and will not allow themselves to be humbled to the level of others facing similar adversity. They thrive in a spinning world of charming deceit, gaining access to their victim’s warning systems with subtle, perhaps even unspoken, lies. If you put your confidence in this type of liar, you risk entering a dangerous world. 

Anna, the lead character in my debut novel Soul Hacker, is swept away by an intelligent and attractive, risk-taking man with authority. She ignores the barely perceptible, irritating inner signals warning her of hidden danger, and soon becomes a key player in his treasonous plan. He promises her freedom from the strict regulations of her normal life and enables her escape from a foreseen arranged marriage. He successfully corrupts her soul’s warning system with influential lies and leads her into a dark underworld among a secret society of biohackers.

Dangerous lies are mostly truth and are difficult to discern. It’s hard to tell what to believe, what to ignore, and what to run from. After all, it’s a quiet inner voice that alerts suspicion. I’m a believer in paying attention to patterns. When I first detect that off feeling in a conversation, I grow suspicious. I’ll recall that perceived lie the next time something similar happens and add it to the list of clues my inner detective is tracking. Over time, doubt will lead me to investigate deeper. Though I may not be able to prove factually when someone is lying, I no longer find it necessary. A narcissist confronted with evidence will endlessly deny anyway. Getting others to engage in the argument is a game the narcissist loves to play, tossing the fault onto anyone but themselves. This is the stage when engaging with a narcissist becomes dangerous. Some become vindictive enough to seek revenge. They make their victims pay one way or another. I trust that time will reveal the truth instead of placing myself in the path of a narcissist’s retaliation.

Anna found it necessary to reconnect with her sister, who would help lead her out of the confusion she’d been immersed in while following the cult-like leader of the biohacking underground. Anna would face severe consequences for her involvement in his treasonous scheme, but she’d suffer the punishment bravely, bolstered by steadfast truth.

How do you know when someone is lying? Do you trust your intuition and set clear boundaries, or do you sweep the red flags aside and find yourself entangled with trouble? Believe me, trouble is much more fun in books than in real life!  

About the Book:

Soul Hacker by Sarah Carmichael (Rosinski)

Genre: YA Christian dystopian

In a ruined world, mankind survives in a society that values intelligence above all else. Recent graduate Anna has earned an esteemed position working in genetic science, but risks it all smuggling restricted goods to her less fortunate foster sister. Anna is caught at the border crossing, where a militant guard promises he’ll overlook her crime in exchange for slides of altered DNA she must steal from the lab.

When chaos erupts, Anna escapes into the depths of the city among an underground community with a revolution on its agenda. Now, not only is she a smuggler and a thief, but she’s also a traitorous rebel. Her crimes have taken her further than she ever intended and out of touch with the sister she desperately wants to save.

Her struggle to make things right spins out of control when she collides with a man from the life she left behind. He hides powerful secrets. Convincing him to help her prevent the government from culling the people she’s grown to love will take much more than the underhanded scheming she’s relied upon in the past.

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About the Author:

author head shot of Sarah Carmichael Rosinski Watching her students search the library for the next viral-vampire-romance inspired Sarah to write fiction that would resonate with the same powerful thrills, danger, and dopamine rush while presenting an alternative supernatural worldview. 

Sarah writes dystopian and paranormal fiction with compelling characters and unexpected plot turns. 

Her debut novel, SOUL HACKER, a young adult dystopian, is a 2020 Realm Makers Reader’s Choice Award semi-finalist. 

Sarah plans to survive the apocalypse using determination and adaptability, along with her husband who has every other survival skill. They live in Central Illinois with Zoey, the cutest Chihuahua on earth.