Sunday Snippet: Murder Board by Rosie Somers

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Murder Board

Author: Rosie Somers
Publisher: Anaiah Press
Release Date: January 2020
Genre: Teen / YA Romantic Thriller


book cover of Murder Board by Rosie SomersThe house is still mostly quiet when I head down to the kitchen, except for muffled stirrings in the farthest corners of the building. A shower is running somewhere upstairs, but for a house with thirteen teenagers, there are surprisingly few voices talking. Because of the near silence, I expect the kitchen to be empty when I get there. Instead, Maverick sits alone at the large island, disinterestedly spooning cereal around in a bowl. He looks up when I enter but goes right back to his breakfast like I’m not even there.

Good morning to you, too. I head for the coffee maker next to the sink and send a silent thank you to whoever was considerate enough to make a pot already. Someone put a lot of forethought into preparing this house for us. For me.

From the looks of him, the same is true of Maverick. His ensemble matches mine down to the smallest thread. Mugger-chic must be the uniform. Without the adrenaline and barely caged panic weighing my thoughts down this morning, I’m free to really take in details. And now that he’s not rolling around in his manties, I don’t feel quite so much like a creepy voyeur if I let my gaze linger on him. He’s not a bad-looking guy. He doesn’t have the clean-cut, boy-next-door vibe of guys I typically go for. Maverick is dark and brooding and lean, with a dangerous quality to his movements. Like he’s been trained to be lethal. It’s the same kind of air a martial arts expert has, every movement fluid and purposeful.

He clears his throat, and even though he doesn’t look up at me, I know it’s because he’s caught me staring. I duck my head to hide my blush, pour myself a cup of coffee, and wrack my brain for something halfway intelligent to say to break the tension.

“So, how far away from civilization do you think we are?” I ask with my back to Maverick while I search the nearest cabinet for sugar.


He’s obviously a man of many words. I find the sugar and pour enough into my coffee to send a diabetic into a coma, then take a sip. Perfect. Hopefully, that will power me through the morning. I turn around and lean against the countertop. “What do you think the chances are of getting out of this?”

Now I have Maverick’s attention. He stops with his spoon halfway to his mouth and gapes at me. “You mean… like dropping out of The Program?”

What’s so surprising about that? “Yeee-aaah.” I draw out the word like I’m talking to a toddler.

“Why would you want to do that?”

Does this guy actually want to be here? “Um… so I can go home. Being abducted wasn’t exactly my life’s goal.”

“Well, it should be. Some people work for years hoping to be picked for The Program.” His voice is level and tinged with condescension, like I’m somehow missing the big picture and he’s having to explain it to me.

“I’ve never even heard—”

“Hey, hey, party people. Glad to see I’m not the only one who can handle conversation at the crack of dawn. Figment couldn’t kick me out of our room fast enough. He’s not a morning person, at all.” Houdini strolls into the room and heads straight for the coffee pot. He, like Maverick and myself, is dressed from tip to tail in deep black workout gear, and even though he’s clearly showered and seems to have put some thought into his poof of hipster hair, he still has an air of greasiness. Like his soul is slippery. He reminds me more of a weasel now than he did last night.

When he has his coffee in hand, he parks next to me against the counter, so close our hips practically touch. “Good morning, Ever.” His tone drips slime.

“Infinity,” I correct and shift to put a few inches between us.

“Mmm… I bet they named you that for your infinite beauty.”

Maverick snorts, and I shoot a sideways glance in his direction. He’s watching us like we’re a stage act. I’ll get no help from him.

“Or maybe it’s because I know infinite ways to kill a man and make it look like an accident.” That’s a bare-faced lie, but I don’t say it for its truth. I feel a twinge of guilt for being untruthful, and send up a silent apology, but I let my statement stand. I’m hoping to get the point across that I’m not even remotely interested in whatever he’s playing at.

“I’ll take my chances. Do you know why they call me Houdini?”

Dear God, please don’t let this be going where I think it is. I purposely don’t answer.

“It’s because I have the magic touch.” He raises a hand and waggles bony fingers at me suggestively.

About the Book:

In one night, her whole world changes.
A new home, a shiny new code name, and a spot in an elite black-ops training program aren’t Infinity’s ideal way to start the week—or the next six weeks, as it turns out. Yet, here she is, competing against twenty-five other recruits in a cutthroat competition known only as The Program, for one of five spots on a super-secret intelligence and counter-terrorism team. And she might actually have a shot at making it. Until someone starts killing off the top performers.

Now, the only way to stay in The Program—and alive—is to find the sweet spot between scoring too high or flunking out. Relying on her faith and instincts, Infinity needs to find out who’s snuffing out the competition, or she could be next.

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author head shot of Rosie SomersAbout the Author:

Rosie Somers lives as close to the beach as possible with her spouse, kids, and enough fur kids to outnumber the humans in her house. Growing up, she was rarely seen without a book nearby and lost so many of her beloved books to the family swimming pool that she decided to make up her own stories. A child at heart, she still reads while floating in the pool, and young adult fiction is still the love of her life. Learn more about Rosie on her website: