#FitReaders Check-In: May 24, 2024

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Welcome to #FitReaders2024!! Felicia and I are excited to co-host this fitness-oriented group. If you have any questions about #FitReaders, you can leave them in the comment section or email me at twimom227(at)gmail(dot)com.

Most of our support is done via our Facebook Group. I post my weekly check-ins on Fridays, as it helps me be accountable. You are welcome to do your own check-in posts, check in below, in the comments, or check in with the Facebook group – whatever works for you!

I check in here every Friday, but my fitness week is Monday – Sunday. So my check-ins are always about a week behind.

Last Week (May 13 – May 19, 2024):

photo of girl in purple dress dancing on stage
My daughter performing her senior solo dance.

What a week! The beginning of the week was pretty normal with work and my daughter’s dance classes. Then Thursday, my son had arthroscopic knee surgery, which went better than expected. In fact, he’s already walking and feeling good! The weekend was a very emotional one. Saturday was my daughter’s final dance recitals. She started dancing in 2017 and has persevered through three major surgeries (two feet, one back). She truly shines on stage, and I’m going to miss watching her perform. Sunday came with even more emotions as I held my final Girl Scout meeting. I bridged four girls, including my daughter, to Adult Scouts. We started together when the girls were second grade Brownies. We had a lovely final meeting, and I couldn’t be more proud of these young women.

Weight: I lost 0.8 pounds, which I was a bit surprised with since I didn’t keep within my calories all that well this past week. And with the long weekend coming (which includes cookouts and hanging out), I need to be especially careful not to start sliding down a slippery slope!

Goals: Even though I got my walking in, I faltered on my stretching for the second straight week. I was moving a lot, even when I wasn’t exercising, so I think that helped me despite eating a lot of extra calories. As I mentioned, I need to be a bit more careful with my caloric intake since I know I’ll be eating a lot over the long weekend, and the coming weeks will be very, very busy with a lot of eating out and socializing.

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Goals for May:

I’m keeping my goals the same for May because 1) they seem to be working and 2) I’ve a lot going on and I don’t need to add more to my plate right now.

  • Close all three “rings” in Apple Watch, 5 days per week. – 5/5 days
  • Move with purpose (exercise) at least 30 minutes, 5 days per week. – 5/5 days
  • Stretch for 10 minutes 5 days per week. – 3/5 days
  • Track food/calories 7 days per week. – 7/7 days
  • Limit alcohol intake to 2 days per week. – 1 days

During 2024 I plan:

  • To maintain my January 1st weight. I will do with through exercise and making adjustments to my caloric intake. I don’t have to be perfect, but I do need to make a true effort. 
  • To move. I will do this primarily via walking, four to seven days per week. I also need to stretch most/all of the days I exercise.
  • To remain an active member of FitReaders and support my fellow members. I will do this by actively participating in the FitReader Facebook Group and continuing to share my journey with my weekly check-in on the blog.
So are you ready to lace up your sneakers? Are you ready to up your commit to fit?