Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: The Wolf and the Witch by Charissa Weaks

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Audiobook review: The Wolf and the Witch by Charissa Weaks

Audiobook cover of The Wolf and the Witch by Charissa WeaksThe Wolf and the Witch picks up at the Grove of the Gods immediately after the explosive conclusion of the previous book. The group is looking for Raina and needs to plan for war now that the Prince of the East has brought Thamaos back to life. Nephele has promised the god of the North, Neri, resurrection in exchange for fighting Thamaos. 

I wasn’t certain I’d want to read The Wolf and the Witch after being disappointed with the second Witch Walker book, City of Ruin, which ended with a cliffhanger and saw the separation of main character Raina from her family and friends. However, enough time had passed that I found myself interested in finding out what happens next. 

The story stays in the present, focusing on Nephele and Neri (we don’t return to Raina until the next book). I really enjoyed the relationship between Nephele and Neri. Although it starts out as an I-hate-that-I-want-you situation, their relationship changes rather quickly as they realize there are consequences to raising a god. Each has tremendous respect for the other and their battles turn to teasing. I like that they give into their unyielding desire; however, they also give into their feelings of kindness and gentleness for one another. They  become partners and work together as they prepare for war and try to figure out how to navigate their curse.

The entire group works to prepare for the coming war. With the focus away from Alexus, we only get a peripheral look at his pain in losing Raina (and subsequent work to find her). I like that the group finds out rather quickly that Raina was tossed into the past. Meanwhile, Nephele tries to piece together her own lost memories and discovers more about her father, his abilities, and why her parents did what they did. Not only does this satisfy some of the open questions from the previous book, but ultimately, it helps build the group’s ability to fight Thamaos.

Narration: The story is shared via the first person, present tense POVs of Nephele and Neri, with Sylvan narrating Nephele and Campbell performing Neri, and both do a good job with their respective parts. Both alter their dialogue based on gender and age, with some additional tweaks for the supernatural. Sylvan adds a lot of emotional expression for Nephele. Despite having a deep voice, which suits the god Neri, Campbell is able to raise the pitch to successfully portray Nephele. And while Sylvan is able to deepen her voice for males, she cannot reach the depth that Campbell can. Her portrayal of Neri is slow and arrogant, but in a cartoonish and stereotypical manner, which I didn’t care for. 

In the end, I enjoyed getting Nephele and Neri’s story, and overall The Wolf and the Witch was enjoyable. That said, the abrupt ending bothered me, and knowing I’ll probably have to wait at least one book before the conclusion is a bit annoying.

My Ratings
Story: B-
Narration: B

About the Book:

As Nephele, Alexus, and their faithful companions grapple with the devastating loss on Mount Ulra, the threat of Thamaos’s reign rises in the East. To prepare, the crew must strengthen the Northland and Summerland armies, even if it means depending on the one being they never thought would live again: Neri, God of the White Wolf.

Nephele made a deal she can’t escape, a deal that not only ensures the Wolf’s resurrection, but one that forces her to remain at his side, even when he returns North to bolster defenses and destroy any traitors and enemies remaining on his land. The last thing Nephele wants is to spend her days and nights alone with a seductive, arrogant god, but Tiressia’s future depends on Neri being their primary weapon, one only she holds the power to wield.

As Thamaos aims his first wave of destruction at Neri, Nephele finds that not only is the Wolf more difficult to control than she believed, but that he’s far more human than she gave him credit for. With every passing hour, the undeniable passion between them burns brighter, until their fire becomes impossible to resist, and impossible for Thamaos to ignore.

Because the only thing he loathes more than the Wolf roaming Tiressia again, is that there’s a witch at his side, and her name is Bloodgood.

Author: Charissa Weaks
 Meg Sylvan, Tim Campbell
Witch Walker #3
Genre: Fantasy, romantic elements
Audiobook Release Date: May 14, 2024
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Length: 9 hrs and 32 mins
Source: publisher
Audio Speed: 1.4-1.5x

Purchase info:
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