Sunday Snippet: Forget-Me-Not by K.T. Carlisle

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Author: K.T. Carlisle
Release Date: May 13, 2024
Series: What Happened to Mia Davis? series #2 of 3
Genre: Murder Mystery


NOTE: This excerpt contains the description of a violent murder. Readers sensitive to graphic violence please take note.

Chapter 1, Pages 9 – 10 

book cover of Forget-Me-Not by K.T. CarlisleThe knife slid between my ribs and into my lung before I could draw a breath to scream. My eyes widened as pain stitched itself into the space where my attacker’s blade had entered, freezing me in place on the kitchen tile. He knew what he was doing. He had done it before. I knew it with the same certainty that I knew I was going to die. I could see it in the fixed determination on his face as he continued to plunge the knife deeper and deeper into my body. He was hungry. Frantic. He needed this. And there was nothing I could do to stop it. Not anymore. 

He withdrew the knife and I slumped forward, half expecting the nightmare to be over. But he was only getting started. Instinctively, my hands flew to the open wound in my chest, desperate to slow the deluge of blood that was leaking down my torso. The earth shifted beneath my feet and I stumbled straight into the arms of the man who was determined to kill me. 

His left hand was like a vice around my arm as he gripped me, my lips parting in silent objection as I tried to produce the scream that never came. A strange satisfaction tugged at the corner of his lips as he drew his arm back before driving the dagger into my body once more, this time slipping into my intestines. I clutched his forearm, digging my nails into his skin with every ounce of strength I could muster, but it was no use. I could already feel myself fading. 

The blows came slow and deliberate at first, each puncture through my flesh plotted with careful precision. But with every swipe of his blade, the fire behind my killer’s eyes burned brighter, more violent. At one point, his gaze seemed to disappear into the flames entirely, a look of pure intoxication engulfing him, swallowing him whole. He became almost mechanic in his movements, an invisible veil falling over his features as his pace quickened faster and faster, the knife entering me over and over and over again until I became numb with agony, my nerves too overwhelmed with sensation to feel pain any longer. 

With his muscular body pressed against mine, his breathing hot and labored against my skin, the rhythmic rocking as he pumped into me with eager, ravenous persistence, I was oddly reminded of the first night we slept together. I couldn’t tell whether it was death’s embrace or the thought of our naked bodies tangled in bedsheets that made my blood turn cold.

About the Book:

After becoming embroiled in a heated affair with her best friend’s husband, Elaine Reid’s life couldn’t get more complicated. That is until she discovers a dark secret that leaves her wondering exactly who she can trust. But when her attempt to shine a light on the ugly truth she’s uncovered results in her untimely death, the only way to bring her killer to justice is from beyond the grave. 

As Elaine attempts to navigate the afterlife and solve her own murder, Detective Rachel McGowen believes that a string of suicides throughout North Carolina could be the key to cracking the case. Through the course of her investigation, Rachel’s fifteen-year hunt for an evasive serial killer becomes less a matter of whodunnit and more of a dogged pursuit to track down the murderer’s whereabouts. 

A twisted tale full of unreliable narrators and shocking secrets, Forget-Me-Not brings readers on a thrilling and unpredictable journey of discovery through the eyes of three women whose individual stories weave a complex tapestry of mystery and intrigue.

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