Sunday Snippet: Northern Redemption by Laurie Wood

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Northern Redemption

Author: Laurie Wood
Release Date: November 1, 2023
Series: Heroes of the Tundra, #4
Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense


Book cover of Northern Redemption by Laurie WoodSnow fell sideways against the helicopter and wafted around the outside bubble of the cockpit. She could see the dark clouds pressing down on them now, almost as if they could touch them. The brilliance of the snow was stark against the bluish-purple of the clouds.

“It feels like we’re in a snow globe,” she said as Rory started up the engine and rotors again.

“That storm is going to blow us home,” he said. They lifted off the ground and swung around towards the south. “We’d better make tracks.”

“Think we’ll beat it?”

“Oh yeah,” he said, peering ahead through the dancing snowflakes. “I actually love flying in this kind of weather.”

“I’d like to swing down south of town, in that case, and check out something.”

“How far south?”

“Over towards the maternity dens on the border of Wapusk National Park,” said Lise. “I heard there was some bear activity over that way. Do we have enough time to swing over and see if the females I’m thinking about are there?”

“Do you have coordinates or are you guesstimating?” said Rory.

“Not as far as the border of the park. Steve and Braden were patrolling out there last week, and I thought we could take a peek.”

“We can give it a try,” he said. “It’s up to the weather, though.”

She nodded her head and smiled. Her stomach was settled, and her headache was a dull throb. If they could get a glimpse of the female bears for a head count, she’d have a start on her report on the maternity dens.

Rory kept the helicopter level at about six hundred feet, and she felt stronger as they flew along the snowy wasteland. The tumbling clouds chased them from behind, and the harsh snow pelted the plexiglass canopy of the helicopter. She could feel the tension in Rory’s body beside her.

 “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her. “I don’t want to get into an icing situation.”

“We can turn back if you think it’s too dangerous,” she said. “I’m not the expert.”

“I never back down from a challenge, but…” He grinned at her. “We’re getting into some dicey wind up here.”

“Okay, we can check it out another day,” she said. “Hey, do you that?” She pointed to the right.

Snow swirled around them now, obscuring part of their vision, but ahead, she could see a small red and white plane on its belly with a wing sitting up at an angle. It had skipped like a stone over the snow, and Lise could see the gouge marks where the plane had scattered rocks on its path of destruction. She couldn’t’t see any propellers because the nose was blown open with wires sprawling against the snowdrift.

“Yeah, hang on.” Rory swung around to get a better look through the wind-driven snow. “Can you see anyone?”

“No, I can’t.” Lise leaned forward, peering through the front of the canopy.

“Churchill, JR one,” Rory radioed. They got static on the line.

“Is that a plane crash?” Lise wished the words back in her mouth the second she said it. Of course, it was a plane crash. They shouldn’t’t see anything out here but snow, ice, and the odd wind-blown, stunted tree trunk.

“Churchill, JR one, come in,” Rory said again. “I don’t know why they’re not hearing me.”

Book cover of Northern Redemption by Laurie WoodHe brought the helicopter in low and flew over the top of the plane. It looked like the type of four-seater plane used for sport hunting. The tail numbers were painted over, and the left wing had sheared o” and lay crumpled to one side.

“Wouldn’t’ we have heard about any planes crashing out here?” asked Lise.

“Not if their ELT device has been disabled,” said Rory. “It might’ve been broken in the crash, or they might’ve forgotten to test it before they left. If there’s no signal going to the satellites, then emergency services won’t be notified that they’re out here.”

Lise leaned over as far as her seat belt would allow. “I don’t see anyone down there. Should we go check?”

“Yeah, I want to do a quick check in case they’re trapped inside. Hold on.”

Rory put the helicopter down sideways to the crash site and turned on the rotors and engine. They both unhooked their seat harnesses just as the left skid shifted and spun sideways.

Rory muttered a curse under his breath as Lise gasped. He tore off his headset. Lise lurched downwards against the glass door on the left side of the aircraft.

“I’ve got you,” he said as he finished undoing her harness and pulled her up towards himself.

“What happened?” She held onto the front of his parka as the helicopter shifted sideways again from the wind.

“There’s more ice on top of this pack than I thought. Let’s try and get out before anything else happens.”

He swung open his own door and then jumped into the snow. Lise turned and came out backwards into his arms.

“Whew! What now?” she said as she turned back to face him. Their breath mingled together in the frosty air, and snowflakes swirled around their heads.

“We’ll check out the plane for any passengers. Do you have a flashlight?” He gave a short laugh. “Should’ve asked you before we got out.”

“We don’t need a flashlight,” said a gravel voice behind them. “We need you two to get back in there and get this bird in the air.”

Lise gripped Rory’s upper arms with a death grip. The business end of a shotgun filled his vision, along with a dirty man in mismatched clothes not fit for this kind of weather. Rory’s whole body hardened as he turned his head to look at the intruder.

“Who’re you?” he demanded.

“I’m the guy commandeering this helicopter. And you’re the guy who’s flying me and my partner the heck out of here.”

About the Book:

Runaway bride Lise Dumont would rather face down polar bears than marry her abusive ex-fiancé. When she returns to Churchill, Manitoba to reclaim her job as a Conservation Officer, the peace of the tundra finally helps soothe her spirit.

Northern Lights Helicopter Tour owner, Rory Gallagher, isn’t looking for a relationship deeper than the one he has with his pet cat; despite his family’s desire for him to settle down and produce grandchildren. Scarred by memories of not being able to save his father from drowning seven years ago, Rory’s fine with being alone.

Until Lise blazes back into town and helps talk him down from a helicopter crash. Just as a blizzard closes in, two hardened escaped convicts take them hostage, and Lise and Rory are forced to rely on each other to survive. They each must confront their own troubled pasts if they want a future worth fighting for.

Can a relationship born out of life-and-death stakes be enough to last for a lifetime?

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About the Author:

photo of author Laurie WoodLaurie Wood has followed her RCAF serving husband across Canada, raising their two special needs children to adulthood while she began her writing career. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime International and SinC Canada West. 

Laurie writes both romantic suspense and historical novels and is currently working on her next book. You can connect with her at her website