The Heiress’s Daughter by Anne Gracie

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book cover of The Heiress's Daughter by Anne GracieThe Heiress’s Daughter
Anne Gracie
Rating: C+

What I’m Talking About:

First I have to say I am a BIG fan of Anne Gracie. As a general rule, I really and truly enjoy her books. Her characters are fun, quirky, strong, and overall human. I love that despite the difference in time periods I can still relate to the characters, even if I’m not a heiress in need of a groom.

Overall I would say I enjoyed The Heiress’s Daughter. Clarissa is brave and loyal; Race is funny and strong. But despite strong characters and a lovely setting, The Heiress Daughter is was not without its issues. Maybe it was because both Clarissa and Race spent the first third of the novel without their confidants and I really struggled with the constant “I can’t love him, he’s rake” from Clarissa and the equally constant “how can she not know I’m courting her?” from Race. For chapters they would see each other and then spend the next chapter commiserating on these points. I wanted to shake both of them and again. Maybe it was that neither of them had anyone to talk to until Izzy and Leo returned home from their honeymoon, but UGH!!!  This one point is what made me drop the overall grade on the novel.

Were Clarissa and Race well suited, spirited, and fun when they were together? Yes! Did they have chemistry? Yes, although that could have been better shown. Did their interaction make me have a physical reaction like laughing, arghing or sighing? Yes! All great things. But their chemistry could have been better shown, and when they were finally able to come together, I felt like their moment was rushed through, completely planned and addressed by only a couple short paragraphs which left me disappointed. Race had experience; I wanted him to share that with Clarissa, show her, calm her nerves and instead it felt like it was a checkmark in a box to get through, which left me frustrated at best. These two are so sweet once they get on the same page, and I wanted to see and feel that sweetness in the bedroom.

As I said overall The Heiress Daughter was fine and a nice diversion, but unfortunately it isn’t one of Ms. Gracie’s novels that I will be revisiting anytime soon. I hope that I get to visit the Bellaire Gardens again, and that the next couple will be better written than Race and Clarissa were.

My Rating: C+

About the Book:

Heiress Clarissa Studley yearns to be loved for more than her fortune. Warmhearted, but plain and shy, she wishes to marry, but has two firm rules: no rakes and no fortune-hunters — her father was both, and she’ll never forget the misery he caused.
So, when Race, Lord Randall, starts to pay Clarissa attention, she knows she must keep him at a distance. Attractive and charming he might be, Race’s reputation precedes him and she’s observed first hand his flirtatious ways with London society beauties. But Race sees a beauty in Clarissa that others cannot, and for the first time in his life, he is truly in love. And when a rival for Clarissa’s affections appears — a handsome, wounded war hero, heir to his great-aunt’s fortune — Race becomes desperate as Clarissa seems tempted to make a safer, tamer choice.
Can Race convince Clarissa that his love is true and that she can trust him with her heart? And can Clarissa put aside her unhappy past, and follow her heart, despite the risk of loving a rake?

Release Date: May 21, 2024
The Brides of Bellaire Gardens #3
Historical Romance
paperback (352 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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