Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Canines and Cocktails by Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson, Chuck Wendig

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Audiobook review: Canines and Cocktails Anthology

audiobook cover of Canines and Cocktails by Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson, Chuck WendigCanines and Cocktails is a fun three-story anthology from Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson, and Chuck Wendig. 

THE CHARTREUSE CHANTEUSE is an Oberon Meaty mystery, with the story shared from the POV of Irish wolfhound, Oberon. Chronologically, the story takes place some time after the conclusion of the IDC series, and running parallel to the Ink & Sigil series. It is fun to catch up with Atticus and the gang, learning about their lives as they settle down free from the worry of Ragnarok and being hunted by various gods. Best for fans of the series. Luke Daniels, the voice of the IDC, brings the story to life and gives his usual A+ performance. 

THE BARTENDER AND THE BEAST is an enjoyable story about Cassia King and her return home to her small town after a five-year absence. She’s grown up; the high school bullies have not. I believe this is the start of a new series, and I’m excited to find out more. The world is interesting, with a touch of magic, and the characters are well-developed. The story is filled with vivid details and exciting beginnings. Shana Pennington-Baird is a great fit for MC Cash, but her males aren’t overly masculine sounding, and I often confused the bullies and supporting females.

WHISKEY SOUR is a somber, post-apocalyptic tale featuring sober bartender Harry, who has decided he wants a special drink. The story jumps in time to give listeners an idea of Harry’s past and glimpses as to what happened to the world. The story is about Harry coming to terms with his life’s choices and his alcoholism. It was interesting but not engaging. And it was more like a slice of life than a full story. Adam Verner’s cadence and intonation are perfect for this slow, meandering story.

Overall, I enjoyed the Canines and Cocktails anthology. I bought it just for the Hearne story which was lovely and a fitting farewell to the series (although the characters make an appearance in his upcoming book). I also enjoyed Dawson’s story, and I am interested in reading more. The Wendig story was a bit slow and maudlin but still a decent listen. 

My Ratings
Stories: B
Narration: A-

About the Book:

Oberon the Irish wolfhound and his Boston terrier buddy, Starbuck, not only witness humans waste perfectly good sausage, but also a sneaky murder committed right before their eyes in THE CHARTREUSE CHANTEUSE by Kevin Hearne. Justice demands that someone pay for both crimes, and together with their Druid, Atticus O’Sullivan, and D.I. Rose Badgely of the Launceston police, they’ll show the dastardly villain they messed with the wrong good dogs.

THE BARTENDER AND THE BEAST introduces the enchanting world of Arcadia Falls, the setting for Delilah S. Dawson’s return to Paranormal Romance. When no-nonsense bartender Cassia King returns to her sleepy hometown in the Georgia mountains to help her sister, she can’t help falling for well-dressed wildlife rehabilitator Riley. But as Cash learns, Arcadia Falls has a secret, and so does the bar’s rescue pit bull, Peach Pit…

In WHISKEY SOUR by Chuck Wendig, It was the end of the world and Harry Campbell wanted a drink. He’s one of the few who remained in Ouray, Colorado, after everything went to hell—and has decided to willfully fall off the wagon and find a way to make a cocktail he once loved, the whiskey sour. His quest to make a drink will take him beyond the borders of Ouray and into the world fallen under the shadow of the now-gone White Mask disease. But, he won’t do it alone—Shepherd Marcy Reyes lends him the courage and pluck of the golden retriever known as Gumball to help him stay alive and stay sane in the process. But Harry’s journey holds a greater, more secret purpose—he has questions that remain unanswered about what the rogue AI called Black Swan did to them all, and he intends to have those answers, even if they change him, and perhaps the world, forever.

Authors: Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson, Chuck Wendig
 Luke Daniels, Shana Pennington-Baird, Adam Verner
 Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries #4 (Iron Druid Chronicles)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Audiobook Release Date: March 25, 2024
Publisher: audiobook publisher
Length: 7 hrs and 55 mins
Source: purchased
Audio Speed: 1.4x an 1.5x

Purchase info:
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