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Book cover of Romancing the Feral by Gail KogerRomancing the Feral
Gail Koger
Sophia Rose
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Fighting for her very life at the back end of the galaxy, a young half-alien psychic girl thief doesn’t know who to trust until a fierce Coletti Battle Commander shows her she can turn over a new leaf and work for the good.  But, he’ll have to catch her first. Gail Koger puts the fun in exciting sci-fi romances that crackle with sexual tension and bring it with the strong, sassy heroines.

Romancing the Feral is the sixteenth entry in the Coletti Warlords series and introduces the first part of Zadie and Jedrick’s romance adventures.  Jedrick is brother to the hero of Wulf and the Bounty Hunter, and there are several interactions with earlier series characters which I was thrilled to read plus an assumption that the reader is already familiar with the Coletti Warlords world.

Unlike most books in the series, Romancing the Feral introduces a child heroine. Zadie is twelve, but she has a lot of mileage under her belt and looks on life with a weary, wariness because of her hardscrabble existence and experiences with the dregs of the galaxy.  

But, several encounters with a Coletti who is after her and her thieving family show her that there is another possibility if she is willing to leave behind all she knows and take a chance that there are people out there who will treat her as a person and not a hot commodity.  

Zedrick is all Coletti alpha male, but there is something special about him. Zedrick respects Zadie and her wishes are taken into consideration even when she brings home orphaned alien critters and lands them all in lots of trouble. Did I mention the comedy is high in this series?

Romancing the Feral is the first of a two-part story with no romance at this point because Zadie is underage though the intense events at the end set things up for a humdinger of a sci-fi romance in the next book. Like all the series heroines, Zadie is tough and a fighter, and I can’t wait to see her blazing through the galaxy as a woman come into her own. The series is mostly light-hearted sci-fi romantic comedy, but Romancing the Feral is a smidge less on the light notes, and I can highly recommend both book and series.

My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

Much to her parents’ delight, Zadie’s angelic appearance and unique psychic abilities won her the title of master thief by the time she was twelve years old. Zadie wasn’t so elated, she hated stealing.

Her parents’ life of crime was how they ended up on Gliese, the hellhole of the galaxy, where every day was a fight for survival, and the inhabitants would slit your throat for a scrap of food, or a bottle of clean water. Zadie’s innocent appearance hides the feral warrior she’s becoming.

Jedrick, commander of a Coletti battle group, is stunned to discover this dangerous child is his future mate and it’s a full-time job keeping her alive. Will she live to see twenty-one?

Release Date: April 22, 2024
Coletti Warlords #16
Science Fiction NOTE: this is the first part of a future Sci-Fi Romance story; however, this book does not contain any romance.
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