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book cover of Secret Affairs by Suzan LauderSecret Affairs
Suzan Lauder
Sophia Rose
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

A houseparty, a matchmaker, and a seemingly mismatched pair debate and argue their way to romance.  Suzan Lauder continues her sparking Regency romcom series with Secret Affairs, the third standalone entry.

Secret Affairs can standalone, but I’ll point out that the first two books are about the heroine’s sisters and this story did seem more like it was carrying on right off the shirt tails of the last book, The Reluctant Chaperon.

In the previous book, the romance pair was mild and sweet-tempered in a gentle romance, so Lexie and Remy’s tempestuous first meeting and subsequent house party encounters to spar with words, deliberately provoke one another, and respect this willful contrariness in each other was like a cold-water shock.  

Personally, my predilection in real life and in fiction is for less confrontational personalities, but this pair was obviously amusing themselves (most of the time), and it was their version of flirtation.

Lexie prides herself in being smarter than the average man and is never shocked when they under-estimate her or put her aside- this gives her leave to return the favor.  But, she has no idea what to do with a man who attracts her attention, assumes she’s a fortune hunter, and gives as good as he gets in their encounters which include the secret affairs the book title indicates. She also gets a set down when she is caught listening to and believing gossip about Remy. Her close friends who knew him well told her she had it wrong, but she crossed the line and the confrontation got real, really fast.

A firecracker of a sweet historical romance that made for a nice one-sitting read.

My Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

Miss Alexandra Hales is much too clever, and more comfortable with her role as the steward for her sister and brother-by-marriage than as a lady enjoying the London Season. Lexie has no need for a husband. After all, what gentleman would accept her as she is? But when Cecilia, Lady Hoxley, pairs her with long-time friend and neighbour Lord Catlin at her sister Cassandra Charington’s summer house party, she finds herself obligated to consider him as a potential husband. At the same time, the enigmatic and disreputable Lord Remington has insulted her not once, but twice! He is a disagreeable man indeed!

When she and Lord Remington happen upon each other in the garden one evening, an argument ensues, which is to be expected, but all changes when the rake kisses her. What a kiss! Yet what about Cecilia’s plans to match her with the likeable yet brotherly Lord Catlin? She has told all and sundry about the match, but can she love him?

For the first time, a quandary lies before her too complex for her reasoning. What is Lexie to do?

Release Date: May 1, 2024
Meryton Press
Cecilia’s Mismatches #3
paperback (118 pages), e-book, audiobook
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