Sunday Snippet: Darien Shockra and The Bermuda Triangle by David Kneisler and Stefan Lukjanczuk

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Darien Shockra and The Bermuda Triangle – Part 1

Authors: David Kneisler and Stefan Lukjanczuk
Publisher: David Kneisler – Kinetikz
Release Date: June 20, 2024
Genre: Urban Fantasy


Chapter 1: The Exodus

Book cover of Darien Shockra and The Bermuda Triangle - Part 1 by David Kneisler and Stefan Lukjanczuk“DARIEN SHOCKRA!!!”, shrieked the outcast.

He was enraged. His red eyes beaming with anger amidst his green, scaly flesh.

His large, menacing figure paced up and down the unholy mound. A long dark green robe hung from his torso following every step of the hooded creature. He prepared to digest information that was about to be shared at his meeting by a trusted source.

Although in the beginning of his creation he was known as the greatest of the Tritem, Ophidion was determined to now stamp out the light in the Universe with the help of his most trusted mentor and master, Lucifer. His image, prior to his betrayal of his people, was that of a very handsome man. His appearance was altered and cost him greatly following his thirst for power, which revealed his true and evil intentions. He had enough of being cast out just like his Lord. They understood each other well. They both wanted vengeance, and ultimately power and control. Greed coursed through their veins.

Both were hell bent on finding the source of their adversary and intended to destroy all life associated with its name.

A plan was required. Saturn was a desolate yet welcoming planet that was a perfect home base. They were still able to manipulate the Earth from such a distance with the ancient technology they had crafted and built strategically placed throughout the planet. They had amassed an army of darkness and pure evil, and were willing to do whatever it took to complete their mission…

Destroy Darien Shockra.

Ophidion had come to learn of this name from his meeting with the Oracle.

Standing across from the Oracle on a desolate sacrificial mound, Ophidion needed answers and needed them immediately. Many had already met their fate on this unholy mound. Ophidion made sure of this. The Oracle knew this.

The Oracle acknowledged Ophidion’s presence with a nod, and proceeded to speak in its deep, dark tone, “You’re here because something troubles you greatly. You can sense something goes against you. Well… here is why. A warrior, more powerful than you can imagine, will come to stop you from gaining immense power. Yet, it does not exist at this moment in the physical realm to do so. Although its energy exists. And it is powerful, hence why you feel this.”

“So, you’re telling me that there will come a time that a great and powerful warrior will come to stop me?”, Ophidion bellowed.

The Oracle’s head bowed. Ophidion’s eyes closed.

“And its name?”, Ophidion asked.

“Darien Shockra is his name,” the Oracle replied.

“And his name is Darien Shockra”, he repeated, as his cold blood started to boil.

“That is correct,” replied the Oracle.

“What must I do to stop him?”, Ophidion asked with indignant curiosity, as his eyes reopened.

The Oracle paused for a moment and then responded, “One way you can ensure your success is to go to the planet of Nibiru and cut him off from the source. Find the seed known as Zander and kill him. This will terminate Darien Shockra once and for all.”

A wicked smirk appeared on Ophidion’s menacing face.

The Oracle paused for a slight moment longer, and continued, “However, to gain even more power than you possess already, you can wait until the crystal orbs of the new Tritem are formed inside him, and then extract them for your own personal gain. This option may place you as the most powerful being in the Universe.”

The second option was quickly becoming his favourite due to his character, while the thought of anyone taking power away from him began to make his blood boil immensely.

“I will stop at nothing to either take the soul from the seed bearer or take the orbs from the boy and claim what is rightfully mine,” said Ophidion.

Anger built up inside him until he erupted. “Either way, I will destroy Darien Shockra!”, Ophidion yelled with rage.

The outcast now found himself in a slight dilemma regarding his options. The first choice ends the threat, and the second did just that but exponentially increases his power; more than Lucifer.

He was outcast many years ago from the planet for being a narcissist and having delusions of grandeur. Power went to his head and it cost him dearly for selling his soul to the Devil. His position shifted from being a protector of his planet to becoming an absolute traitor.

Ophidion paused for a moment. Thinking of the self-glorifying outcomes serving his ego made him excited, yet anxious. The second one especially.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. After seconds of thought, he opened his fiery, red eyes and displayed an evil grin. Ophidion lifted his hand to dismiss his messenger. The Oracle bowed.

And with that, he left the Oracle to return to his throne. He needed to summon his army and prepare for departure. Destination Nibiru.

About the Book:

Heroes that protect the Universe are merely myths and legends…as is the Bermuda Triangle. The balance of good and evil have shifted and there is only one way for this balance to be restored. Lucifer and Ophidion lead the army of evil. War threatens to consume the Universe. Kai, a mystic sage from the farthest known solar system of Harikane, is called to help restore balance, along with a loveable cat named Nebula who can communicate through telepathy. Three dear friends, whose bloodline originates from the mysterious planet of Nibiru, have been raised in the Bermuda Triangle completely unaware that they are destined to become the protectors of the Universe, known as the Tritem. 

When Darien Shockra, Ecio Ohm and Serenity Ken wake up on their 21st birthday on the island of Bermuda, they discover that they have become the destined successors of the Tritem to restore Universal balance…and that time portals offer a means of travel. Up until now, they have been blissfully unaware of their inherited roles and that their lives are about to change forever.

Evil is hell bent on destroying Darien Shockra and the Tritem… mainly focusing on Darien Shockra.. Why?

Join Darien and his friends on an epic adventure as they travel the Universe to try and restore balance, learning invaluable lessons along the way…

Visit the Goodreads website by clicking on this link to learn more.

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Visit the website and click on this link to preorder your copy of Darien Shockra and The Bermuda Triangle – Part 1 today!

About the Authors:

author head shot of Stefan Lukjanczuk Stefan Lukjanczuk and David Kneisler met in 1991 at Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts where they became good friends and roommates. Stefan introduced David to fantasy books, starting with Dragonlance, the Chronicles written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman; both Stefan and David respect them as literary legends.

After many years, the Darien Shockra story came into fruition after a near death experience in 2011 when David’s appendix burst. Recovery time allowed for a project involving writing and imagination. Years later, in the beginning of January 2021, David thought about the amazing Dragonlance authors and asked Stefan if he would like to join him on his writing adventure. From that point, the story evolved.

Stefan Lukjanczuk

Stefan was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania and also has a passion for writing. He is an author and enjoys creative storytelling. He loves reading and gaming and spends time with his cat, Nebula.

author headshot of Dave KneislerStefan is supportive of those dealing with mental health looking to get into writing as a form of therapy.

David Kneisler

David was born and raised on the island of Bermuda and has a passion for writing, content creation and all things digital. He is an author, digital content creator and as of August 2023, works as a Digital and Transformation Lead for the NHS in the United Kingdom with a background of 15 years working in Mental Health and over 10 years in the website, digital marketing and content creation space.

David founded Kinetikz, which is a platform for promoting and supporting good mental health and healthcare related services.