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Fast Holiday

Author: Kerry Lockhart
Publisher: Keen Jean Books, LLC
Release Date: July 18, 2024
Series: Fast Love series #2
Genre: Romantic comedy, LGBTQ+


book cover of Fast Holiday by Kerry LockhartSandy glanced over at Moonshine, his fuzzy-faced companion. The canine stood in the Prius’s passenger seat, smushing her nose against the window. Sandy sighed at the vacant, snow-covered main street of Mayfield. The small town consisted of a two-lane downtown that was of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it variety. “What kind of man am I going to find in the sticks to keep me warm through the holidays? The answer is none. Zip. Zero. Nada. There won’t be any bear bars out here unless they’re of the wild animal kind—stuffed and mounted to a wall.”

Moonshine tilted her head at him.

He checked the time on his phone. Noticing it was a couple of minutes past 8AM, he buttoned up his peacoat. “Don’t look at me like that. I could be in a relationship if I wanted to, but who wants to be smothered all the time? Relationships are suffocating—my mom and step pops are a prime example. Why am I talking to you? I’m turning into Julia,” he scoffed.

Moonshine barked as if in agreement.

With a last peek in the rearview mirror, he adjusted his ebony bangs to ensure they stayed out of his eyes. He turned his round face to the left and then the right, ensuring he hadn’t left any candy cane residue on his face.

Sandy peered up at the historic three-story Italianate building. The name etched on the front window indicated that McCormick’s General Store circa 1982 had locations in both Mayfield, IL and Madison, WI. He had a feeling he’d be the only Korean-American in a several hundred-mile radius. He sat up straight. It’s okay. You got this. Sandy secured his red earmuffs over his head and tucked his red scarf tighter. He climbed out of the car and went around to the passenger door to gather Moonshine. “Okay, here’s the deal. You have to be extra good. I need this gig to get me through the holidays. It’s the only job left that has decent pay. My new job doesn’t happen until after the new year, so, if you break it, you buy it. Understand me?”

She looked back at him with one ear lifted in disdain.

“Don’t you dare pretend not to hear me.” Sandy escorted Moonshine to the store’s front door. The open sign was lit, but the doors didn’t budge. He knocked once and then a few more times until a head of wavy reddish-brown hair weaved through the store, navigating toward Sandy. Whoa, a man the size of a lumberjack soon flipped open the front door locks. His flannel-clad arm held the door for Sandy and Moonshine.

“We don’t allow dogs in the store,” the lumberjack said with his legs spread and hands on his hips. The stance would’ve been slightly intimidating if not for the hint of kindness around his mouth.

“I’m not a customer. I’m Sandy Holiday. I’m here for the interview.” He removed his earmuffs as he stomped snow off his dress shoes, leaving wet clumps around him on the welcome rug.

The bearded woodsman gave him a quizzical once over. “It’s already 8 AM?” He glanced at his FitBit and shook his head. A look of frustration stretched across his features before he returned his gaze to Sandy. “Your last name is Holiday?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Sandy tilted his head to the side, playfully curious about the Brawny Paper Towel guy. He’s so not my type. But, damn, I’d buy his paper towels.

“It’s . . . Are you pulling my leg? That’s really your name? This morning is—who are you?” The frown on the man’s face deepened.

We’re off to a catastrophic start. Sh**. Do something. “I’m here for the Santa’s Helper job. I know bringing a dog to an interview is unorthodox, but I’m dog sitting for a friend and with this weather and the long-ass drive from Chicago I couldn’t abandon her. But Moonshine’s not a normal dog. Okay, so she’s a dog. Yes. But she’s chill AF.”

Moonshine let out a jubilant woof as if to prove Sandy’s point.

“I’m Patrick McCormick, store manager.” His lips turned down as he studied the dog. “The start to this day has been unusual.”

“Oh, this might fill you with cheer . . . ” Sandy ran to a nearby display of reindeer antler headbands. He grabbed a pair and placed them on Moonshine’s head. “Ta-dah! Instant reindeer. And she’s great with kids, adults, and, ah, I dunno . . . fish? She could totally be the store mascot for the holiday season. That’d break TikTok.”

The response from Patrick wasn’t as thrilled as Sandy would’ve liked; in fact, the guy seemed like someone had rammed coal up his nose. Sandy didn’t know what to think of this handsome, yet detached, guy.

“Follow me.” As Patrick climbed the stairs, Sandy couldn’t help but notice the thick jean clad thighs in front of him and the very tight butt. However, Sandy didn’t have much time to stare. Patrick was so quick on his feet that Sandy and Moonshine had to jog to keep up.

About the Book:

Opposites attract in this holly, jolly romantic comedy and discover there is more to life than casual hookups and work.

When Sandy Holiday arrives in the sleepy hamlet of Mayfield, he wants two things this winter, a burly man to keep him warm and a job to see him through the new year. But his interview with prickly Patrick McCormick is as uncomfortable as an icicle to the foot. Unfortunately, the only gig available is as his elf!

Although who could blame Patrick for acting like he received a lump of coal in his stocking? His morning started with firing a drunk photographer, and begging for a Christmas miracle to save his family’s business from a box store conglomerate.

Sandy leaps at the chance to show Patrick that he’s the perfect elf for the job. He creates dazzling online ideas to keep Patrick’s store afloat, bringing the two closer. Until Sandy discovers his upcoming photography job is with the same grinch-like corporation that owns the superstore.

Will Sandy overcome his fear of being in a loving long-term relationship? Or will Patrick surrender the store that has consumed his life for a chance at romance with Sandy?

Fast Holiday is the second book in the Fast Love queer romantic comedy series. Kerry Lockhart’s holiday story has charming characters, a big romantic gesture—and Moonshine, the dashing dog in antlers. Bundle up with a steaming cup of hot cocoa for this toasty tale of love in a small town.

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About the Author:

author photo of Kerry LockhartKerry Lockhart is a queer author with the heart of a wanderer. A Wisconsin expat, she has lived in six different states in the USA. When she’s not writing, she reads, explores record stores, downhill skis, and discovers new hiking trails with her dog, Watson. She holds a master’s degree in screenwriting and loves to revisit classic films, particularly those directed by Hitchcock or featuring Hepburn. To find out which Hepburn, follow Kerry at

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