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Book cover of The Theory of Attraction by Delphine DrydenThe Theory of Attraction
Delphine Dryden
Sophia Rose
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

Recently, brainy romances with STEM characters has been all the rage, but lo and behold, Delphine Dryden was writing about rocket scientists and gaming geeks, anthropologists and university settings long before. And, with a kinky twist at that.

The Theory of Attraction is told from the heroine’s point of view so the reader gets her thoughts and impressions regarding the hero. Generally, I appreciate more the romances with alternating perspectives so I can get to know both characters equally. However, occasionally, the little bit of mystery when it comes to the thoughts and motives of the hero can be fun. This is true when it comes to Ivan.

Even now, I’m not sure if Ivan is neurodivergent or a genius with almost zero social skills and a need for control when it comes to his daily schedule and his sex life. What I am sure of, and was from the first, is that for all Cami’s air of worldly wisdom she took when she compared herself to Ivan, she was in over her head and baiting a bear. There are little hints that all is not quite what it seems leading up to her great discovery about Ivan’s secret.

The story gets underway with Cami’s amusing observations about the neighbors. She’s hung up on the gorgeous, sexy Ivan who is oblivious to her and anything that doesn’t have to do with astrophysics. But, then Ivan comes to her for help. He needs to wow potential supporters for his current project at the university in the upcoming fundraiser event. He has zero social skills and wants Cami to teach him.

One night, in an attempt to really get Ivan’s notice, he warns her that he’s no sexual innocent and she’d best leave well enough be. She doesn’t and Cami finds herself introduced to BDSM and a series of D/s encounters. Now who knows zip and needs teaching?

I appreciated the awkwardness and isolation, the frustration and irritation that comes with Ivan’s brilliance. Delphine Dryden chooses to write him without soft edges and a ‘take me or leave me’ attitude. Cami’s his polar opposite and is warm and friendly and cares what people think about Ivan and cares what he thinks of her.

But… this gal likes a dark, cold, commanding male. She likes Jane Austen’s handsome, elegant, intelligent and austere Darcy before he changes is ways and she likes a bit of edge to her man so… she enters Ivan’s sexual world willingly. I appreciated how the author handled this aspect. As a brand new submissive, it was clear that Cami had the control and Ivan was practicing the safe, sane, and consensual conduct as her Dom. Ivan’s not a sadist so their play was mostly bondage, light whips, and toys.

Communication is key, but when it came to relationships this pair were sometimes speaking at cross purposes so the typical dramatic tiff late in the story caused by lack of or miscommunication had a twist to it. And, the one least expected to cross the divide, does. Swoon!

And, so, once again, I was well rewarded for taking down an oldies, but a goodie from my dusty shelf. This was a fun and steamy opposites erotic romance and I can recommend it.

My Rating: A Loved It
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

Camilla can set her watch by her hunky rocket-scientist neighbor who jogs past her window each day. She relishes each glimpse of his shirtless abs, and is dying to see more. But it’s hard to connect with a man who doesn’t seem to know she exists…

Ivan feels at home in the lab, not in social situations. When he finally approaches his attractive neighbor, it’s not for a date—he wants tutoring in how to behave at an important fundraiser. Ivan doesn’t expect the chemistry between them to be quite so explosive, and is surprised when Cami actually accepts his proposal to embark on a series of “lessons.”

Cami soon discovers Ivan’s schedule isn’t the only thing he likes to be strict about—he needs to be charge in the bedroom as well. She’s shocked at how much she comes to enjoy her submissive side, but wonders if a real relationship is in the equation…

Release Date: July 9, 2012
Carina Press
The Science of Temptation #1
Erotic Romance
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