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Review: According to Hoyle by ..

Posted January 28, 2015 by B. in Gay Romance, Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Rating A, Reviews
Review: According to Hoyle by Abigail Roux

According to Hoyle Author: Abigail Roux Reviewer: B. Rating: A What I’m Talking About: As soon as I heard talk about some of Ms. Roux’s stories being revised for Riptide Publishing, I decided to hold off on getting the ones I hadn’t already purchased, including According to Hoyle, until available from Riptide. And, while I’m […]

Book Spotlight + Giveaway: Do ..

Posted January 6, 2015 by Jen in Book Spotlight, Gay Romance, Giveaway, LGBTQ
Book Spotlight + Giveaway: Do Me Tonight by Jamie Lake

From the Author: We’ve all fantasized about the older man next door, or the passing stranger who gave us just enough of a wink that made our imagination go into over-drive.  In Jamie Lake’s short novel, Do Me Tonight, he introduces us to the world of Spencer, a farm boy whose life is turned upside […]

Review + Giveaway: Liberty and..

Review + Giveaway: Liberty and Other Stories by Alexis Hall

Liberty and Other Stories Author: Alexis Hall Reviewer: B. Rating: A+ What I’m Talking About: Liberty and Other Stories is a remarkable telling of the various backgrounds and evolutions of the crew of the Shadowless (Byron Kae’s aethership), who were introduced to us in Prosperity. Through Piccadilly, Mr. Hall gave us expertly delivered teases and […]

Review: Redeeming Raygan by Me..

Posted December 30, 2014 by B. in Gay Romance, LGBTQ, Rating B, Reviews
Review: Redeeming Raygan by Megan Slayer

Redeeming Raygan Author: Megan Slayer Reviewer: B. Rating: B What I’m Talking About: Sent by his publisher to Zero, Ohio after a bitter divorce from his husband, Jamie Grusin just wanted to hide out and get his novel back on track. He certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship when he decided to rent the small […]

Quickie Review: The Christmas ..

Posted November 28, 2014 by B. in Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, LGBTQ, Rating A
Quickie Review: The Christmas Top by Christi Snow

The Christmas Top Author: Christi Snow Reviewer: B. Rating: A- What I’m Talking About: Not surprisingly, Christi Snow has written yet another wonderfully sweet and sexy story with The Christmas Top. In this addition to the 1Night Stand series we’re introduced to Jason Wieland and Mark Cummins, two men on the edge of a new […]

Spotlight + Review: Circus of ..

Posted November 7, 2014 by B. in Gay Romance, LGBTQ, Reviews, Steampunk Fiction
Spotlight + Review: Circus of the Damned by Cornelia Grey

Circus of the Damned Author: Cornelia Grey Reviewer: B. Rating: A What I’m Talking About: I admit that, having just finished one wonderful Steampunk novel, I was almost afraid of what I might encounter in Circus of the Damned, especially since Ms. Grey is a new author to me. As it turns out, I needn’t […]

Review: Prosperity by Alexis H..

Posted October 27, 2014 by B. in Gay Romance, LGBTQ, Rating A, Steampunk Fiction
Review: Prosperity by Alexis Hall

Prosperity Author: Alexis Hall Reviewer: B. Rating: A+ What I’m Talking About: I’m beginning to believe that Alexis Hall is incapable of writing anything that isn’t completely wonderful in some way or other. Or in many ways, as is the case in Prosperity. As an ardent fan of most everything Steampunk, as well as having […]

Review: Noble Metals by L.A. W..

Posted July 18, 2014 by Jen in Gay Romance, LGBTQ, Rating B, Reviews, Steampunk Fiction
Review: Noble Metals by L.A. Witt

Noble Metals Author: L.A. Witt Reviewer: B. Rating: B+ What I’m Talking About: From the moment the distinguished, self-assured gentleman walked into the brothel where he worked as a prostitute and bartender, Robert Benton’s curiosity was piqued. Upon learning that the man was headed to the gold fields he had been yearning for since his […]