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Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: ..

Posted July 22, 2021 by Jen in Listen Up!, Mystery-Suspense Fiction, Rating A
Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: A Good Day for Chardonnay by Darynda Jones

Audiobook review: A Good Day for Chardonnay by Darynda Jones   A Good Day for Chardonnay opens not too long after the conclusion of the first book, A Bad Day for Sunshine. Sunshine Vicram continues to situate herself in the roll of sheriff, helping out the town, and trying to discover the truth behind her abduction. The […]

Listen Up! Audiobook Review: S..

Listen Up! Audiobook Review: Smoke & Ashes by Alexis Hall

Audiobook review: Smoke & Ashes by Alexis Hall Two years before the start of Smoke & Ashes, things fell apart for Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator. No, not like they’d fallen apart prior to that. I mean they really, really fell apart. Girlfriend abandoned her to die as an unwilling sacrifice? Yes. Every other ally either in […]

Review: Smoke & Ashes by ..

Review: Smoke & Ashes by Alexis Hall

Smoke & Ashes Author: Alexis Hall Reviewer: B. Rating: A What I’m Talking About: Two years have gone by since the last time everything in Kate Kane’s life went to pieces, and things generally seem to be holding steady at the intersection of denial and persistent wallowing. Subsisting on an impressive intake of sex, booze, […]

Review: The Apartment by K. L...

Posted May 6, 2020 by Nima in Mystery-Suspense Fiction, Rating B, Reviews
Review: The Apartment by K. L. Slater

The Apartment Author: K. L. Slater Reviewer: Nima Rating: B What I’m Talking About: British author K.L. Slater ventures into whatever subcategory of thrillers is devoted to buildings, hotels, houses, and in this case, The Apartment. We know right upfront by the title that something‘s up when a too good to be true offer gets […]