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Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: When the Crow’s Away by Auralee Wallace

Audiobook review: When the Crow’s Away by Auralee Wallace When the Crow’s Away continues the story of witchy B&B owner Brynn. Having recently revived her ability to talk to ghosts, Brynn is anxious to help a recently departed connect with a love one. Meanwhile, Brynn’s aunts are busy playing matchmakers, worried Brynn is lonely after the death […]

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Listen Up! Audiobook Review: Talisman Tails by Danielle Garrett

Audiobook review: Talisman Tails by Danielle Garrett For all my issues with this series (Selene’s over-the-top snarky attitude, the fact that the last three books were actually one story), I really enjoyed how this one ended. Originally, the author had planned to wrap up Cora and Selene’s stories with Talisman Tails; however, she’s since told fans […]

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Listen Up! Audiobook Review: Furry Fortunes by Danielle Garrett

Audiobook review: Furry Fortunes by Danielle Garrett Picking up at the immediate conclusion of the previous Nine Lives Magic book, Furry Fortunes continues the story left unfinished in Purr-fect Potions. Treasure hunter Tabitha Blake has been turned into a statue, taking away Cora and Selene’s only lead to find the missing Aunt Lavender.  While Furry […]

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Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Moonlight and Magic by Darynda Jones

Audiobook review: Moonlight and Magic by Darynda Jones Picking up shortly after the conclusion of the previous book, Moonlight and Magic shifts gears and moves Annette, the previous sidekick character, into the role of protagonist. At first I was totally thrown for a loop that the series changed main characters and the narrator, while still first […]

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Listen Up! Audiobook Review: Purr-fect Potions by Danielle Garrett

Audiobook review: Purr-fect Potions by Danielle Garrett Picking up a short time after the previous Nine Lives Magic book (but before the most recent cross-over novella, Sugar Cookies and Sirens), Purr-fect Potions finds Cora and cat familiar Selene continuing their hunt for the missing Aunt Lavender. They garner the help of famous treasure hunter, Tabitha Blake, using […]