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Sunday Snippet: The Phantom Fi..

Posted June 9, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: The Phantom Firefighter by J.W. Jarvis

The Phantom Firefighter Author: J.W. Jarvis Publisher: Big Dee Books Release Date: July 9, 2023 Series: First Responder #1 Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Snippet: Noah and his dad heard a word whispered to them that they couldn’t understand, “Enciddugo!”  At that moment, Noah’s dad could see the burning building, hear the fire burning, and smell the heavy […]

Sunday Snippet: Spillage by Mi..

Posted June 2, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Spillage by Michael Gross

Spillage Author: Michael Gross Publisher: Raab & Co Release Date: March 28, 2024 Genre: Adult fiction Snippet: Chapter 1, pages 1-2 Eliot asks Joan to marry him. “Oh, Eliot,” says Joan.  “You can’t be serious.” “Dead serious.” They’ve lived together eight years. On the same day they signed the lease on their East Village apartment, the […]

Sunday Snippet: Diary of a Veg..

Posted May 26, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Diary of a Vegetarian Zombie by Maysam Yabandeh

Diary of a Vegetarian Zombie Author: Maysam Yabandeh Publisher: Self-Published Release Date: March 1, 2024 Genre: Fantasy/Satire Snippet: To Humans: There was once an idea called Übermensch, the Beyond-man. The one that grasps the earthly world with relish and gratitude. The one that gives meaning to life on Earth. Beyond-man is only one, but it would take […]

Sunday Snippet: Forget-Me-Not ..

Posted May 19, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Forget-Me-Not by K.T. Carlisle

Forget-Me-Not Author: K.T. Carlisle Release Date: May 13, 2024 Series: What Happened to Mia Davis? series #2 of 3 Genre: Murder Mystery Snippet: NOTE: This excerpt contains the description of a violent murder. Readers sensitive to graphic violence please take note. Chapter 1, Pages 9 – 10  The knife slid between my ribs and into my […]

Sunday Snippet: Lethal Intenti..

Posted May 12, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Lethal Intentions by Jennifer Chastain

Lethal Intentions Author: Jennifer Chastain Publisher: Anaiah Press LLC Release Date: February 6, 2023 Genre: Romantic Suspense Snippet: “Jack. I told you it was imperative I keep an eye on your wound.” She stopped chewing and felt his skin. “You’re a little…” Maggie’s eyes widened, and her voice trailed off, leaving her thought unfinished. “What […]

Sunday Snippet: Northern Redem..

Posted May 5, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Northern Redemption by Laurie Wood

Northern Redemption Author: Laurie Wood Release Date: November 1, 2023 Series: Heroes of the Tundra, #4 Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense Snippet: Snow fell sideways against the helicopter and wafted around the outside bubble of the cockpit. She could see the dark clouds pressing down on them now, almost as if they could touch them. The brilliance […]

Sunday Snippet: My Boss is the..

Posted April 28, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: My Boss is the Devil by Ben Schenkman

My Boss is the Devil Author: Ben Schenkman Publisher: Independent Release Date: December 28, 2023 Series: The Devil You Know: Book One Genre: Supernatural/Occult Fiction Snippet: “Nice night, isn’t it?” I froze. I think I stayed that way for a solid minute until I had enough of a handle on my heart rate to turn my […]

Sunday Snippet: Murder Board b..

Posted April 21, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Murder Board by Rosie Somers

Murder Board Author: Rosie Somers Publisher: Anaiah Press Release Date: January 2020 Genre: Teen / YA Romantic Thriller Snippet: The house is still mostly quiet when I head down to the kitchen, except for muffled stirrings in the farthest corners of the building. A shower is running somewhere upstairs, but for a house with thirteen teenagers, […]

Sunday Snippet: Fortune’s Fa..

Posted April 14, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Fortune’s Fall by Katherine Barger

Fortune’s Fall Author: Katherine Barger Release Date: November 2020 Series: The Exiled Trilogy, #1 Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Snippet: “Nyssa?” I hear Greer’s voice from somewhere behind me, but he’s the last person I want to see. I ignore him and burst through the doors at the end of the hall, cross over the sidewalk that […]

Sunday Snippet: Molten Death b..

Posted April 7, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Molten Death by Leslie Karst

Molten Death Author: Leslie Karst Publisher: Severn House Release Date: April 2, 2024 Series: Orchid Isle Mysteries, Book 1 Genre: Cozy mystery Snippet: It looked alive—like some slithering beast come up from the depths to crawl slowly towards the sea. Orange fingers flowed from the main body at all angles, taking on new forms and hues […]

Sunday Snippet: A Waltz at Mid..

Posted March 31, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: A Waltz at Midnight by Juli D. Revezzo

A Waltz at Midnight Author: Juli D. Revezzo Publisher: Raven Queen Publications Release Date: Date Series: The Lost Slipper Society #1 Genre: Historical Romance Snippet: “There’s my coach.” Dorothea nodded to the little boy next to her. “Here, take my chair.” Cindaria didn’t like the fake innocence of his smile so she picked her sister up again. […]

Sunday Snippet: Six Moons, Sev..

Posted March 24, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Six Moons, Seven Gods by Robert A. Walker

Six Moons, Seven Gods Author: Robert A. Walker Publisher: self-published Release Date: October 7, 2023 Series: The Legends of Baelon, Book 1 Genre: Fantasy Snippet: Sibil sat on a bed in a servant’s quarters, her head spinning. Had it not been for previous visits to the palace with Princess Lewen, she would not have known where she […]

Sunday Snippet: Savage Passion..

Posted March 17, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Savage Passion by Ember Sparks

Savage Passion Author: Ember Sparks Publisher: Name Release Date: March 15, 2024 Series: Savage Bloods MC #1 Genre: Adult contemporary motorcycle club romance Content Warnings: Violence / death / sexual situations Snippet: From Chapter 2 Cassie… Leaning against the bar is a man. A very sexy, very muscular, very dangerous looking man. Dark, shoulder length hair. Icy […]

Sunday Snippet: Zero Sum Concl..

Posted March 10, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Zero Sum Conclusion by Thomas Lopinski

Zero Sum Conclusion Author: Thomas Lopinski Publisher: Bunsen Creek Pub Release Date: March 15, 2024 Series: Stand alone right now. May write a second book. Genre: Speculative Fiction/Dystopian Fiction Snippet: Double Down spun around and fired without hesitation striking the man’s arm. “Put your hands up.” The man raised one arm in the air while dangling the […]

Sunday Snippet: Fox Trapped by..

Posted March 3, 2024 by Jen in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Fox Trapped by Jessica E. Subject

Fox Trapped Author: Jessica E. Subject Publisher: Decadent Publishing Release Date: February 18, 2024 Series: Shifter Towers #7 / Love Sync Mates #7 (can be read as a standalone in both series) Genre: Romance, Paranormal (Shifters), 2SLGBTQIA+, MPreg Snippet: No. No, this can’t be happening. The realization hit me like a wave, almost knocking me off my […]