Photos from AAD Charlotte
August 5 – 10, 2014
The photos from this event are posted on my Facebook page HERE.


Photos from RAGT 2014
June 5 – 8, 2014
The photos from this event are posted on my Facebook page HERE.


Photos from AAD SAV
August 14 – 18, 2013
The photos from this event are posted on my Facebook page HERE.


Photos from RAGT 2013
June 6 – 9, 2013
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Photos from AAD NOLA
August 7 – 12, 2012

Tuesday Aug 7

At Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral with Teresa D’Amario, Carolyn Crane, KT Grant (aka KatieBabs),  Jen (@RedHotBooks) and Monica (@ObsuredVixen)


Checking out the Mighty Mississippi River


Stopping for Beignets…



Then on to Pat O’Brien’s for their famous Hurricane drink.

Wednesday Aug 8

Lunch with Tori & Mandi (Smexybooks), Pam (Spaz), Jen, Kate, Teresa, Nicole & Casey


At the Blogger Meet & Greet: Sara (@cdnmrs), Yuliss, Julie (Yummy Men & KA Chicks), Casey, & Nicole


Jojo and Robin


Joy (Joyful Reviews) & Me


Monica & Me


Me & Nicole


Opening get together with Eva (Texas Book Junkie) and MamaKitty & Me


Some of my fav authors: Pip Ballantine, Theresa Meyers, Tee Morris & Me


Laurie B. London & me


Mistress of Ceremonies: Joey W. Hill
Me, Laurie London & Jennifer (HappyTwilighter)
Out for drinks with Julia, Monica, Teresa & Jen


Me and my roomie for the week, Teresa D’Amario

Thursday Aug 9

Marcela (Bookaholic Cat) & Julie (YMKAC)


The “Were” to Draw the Line Panel with: Diana Rowland, Judi Fennell, Jade Lee & PJ Schnyder


Me with Mel Schroeder & Tilly Greene


The Alpha/Beta of PNR & UF Panel with: Kelly Meding, Theresa Meyers, Diana Rowland, Carolyn Crane, Melanie Card, Suzanne Johnson


Hanging with one of my FAV authors of the week: Ann Mayburn


Lunch at Pat O’s with a few new friends



Hanging with one of my online author tweeps: Kris Cook


Felicia – the Geeky Blogger & me


On a tour of the French Quarter with Author Adrian Phoenix


Adrian explained to us where her characters all lived, worked & played.


Adrian & Me at Cafe DuMonde


Late night cupcakes with Marcela & Julie

Friday Aug 10

Breakfast at Cafe Beignet with Kate, Carolyn, Teresa & Ann



The Dark Humor Side of UF Panel with: Mark Henry, Jaye Wells, Carolyn Crane, Erin Kellison, Adrian Phoenix & Dakota Cassidy


Lunch with Katie Reus & Cynthia Eden


Menage Panel with: Cat Johnson, Samantha Kane, BA Tortuga, Stephanie Julian & Joey W Hill


Shifter Panel with: Eliza Gayle, Katie Reus, Cynthia Eden, Lacie Nation, Amanda Carlson & Diana Castilleja (sorry, didn’t catch all of the names of the panelists)


BDSM Panel with: Eliza Gayle, Melissa Schroeder, Sasha White, Joey W Hill, Tilly Greene


Steampunk Tea: Pip Ballantine, Tee Morris, Lea Habel


At the reception and dinner… with Judi Fennell


Jess Haines & Me


Me & MamaKitty


MamaMoon, MamaKitty & Nicole


Me & Mandi


Tori, Pam & Me


Nicole, Joey Hill & Me


Jennifer (Book Nympho) & Me


Carolyn Crane & Katie Reus


Me & PJ Schnyder

Saturday Aug 11

Eva & I on the bus with our tour group to the Garden District


First stop was the famous Lafayette Cemetery



Our tour guide Carla Bullion & Author sponsor Theresa Meyers


Homes in the Garden District


Sandra Bullock’s home.


One of many beautiful homes


Finally meeting tweep Sariah… I really wish we had more time to visit!


The next several pics are from the book signing…
Jennifer Armentrout, BA Tortuga, Julia Talbot


Jess Haines, Allison Pang, PJ Schnyder


Signing books! Adrian Phoenix, Sylvia Day, Sasha White


Nicole Peeler, Carolyn Crane


Samantha Kane, Pamela Palmer, Mari Freeman


Me & Theresa Meyers


Me & Mel Schroeder


Jessa Slade, Teresa D’Amario, Erin McCarthy


Erin Kellison, Bronywn Green, Katie Reus


Jade Lee, Jae Lynne Davies, Judi Fennell


Dakota Cassidy & Me


Kris Norris & Me


At Pat O’s one more time with Kate, Me & Stacey Kennedy


Sitting in on the recording of Pip & Tee’s podcast “The Shared Desk”

Sunday Aug 12
no pictures at this time


Photos from Lori Foster’s Reader-Author Get Together
June 1-2, 2012



Post registration and opening comments.
Hearing from the hostess with the mostess… Lori Foster


Penny, Liz, Jaime, QueenCity E and Nicole.


Meeting Sherrilyn Kenyon & discussing my favorite scene ever with Ash!


Jaime and me
At the bar with Dren, Liza, Me, Mandi & Danielle. Seriously, the glasses were “normal sized.”


At the book signing on Saturday.


Virna DePaul and me.


Mandi and I pose with the hot cover model cut outs.


Me and NikiBrandyberry
Wine out of the hotel paper cups!


Nicole and me.


Me and Liza.


Bells, Penny and Me.


Me, Danielle, Penny, Mandi, Nicole, Liza, Penny & Colette.

Photos from AAD Philly
August 10 – 14, 2011

Thursday Aug 11

Finally meeting so many of my tweeps: Clockwise
Larissa, Jojo, Danielle, Mandi, Me, Mama Sally (Jojo’s mom), Bells, Marq and Pam


Mandi, Pam and Marq at the intro event (YES that is Lara Adrian in the background!)


I FINALLY get lots and lots of the best hugs around! Me and my twin, Bells. I love her so very much!
Me, Bells and Kat (aka Tigris Eden)
Bells and Pam (Spaz)
Me, Lara A. and Marq


April (aka Ava Riley), Me and Lara A.


Me, Lara and Kat
“OMG… there is Larissa Ione!” (Yes, I did say that when I saw her!)
Mandi (Smexy Books) with Larissa.


Larissa and me.


Larissa and Bells.


Opening remarks.
Opening remarks… Kat was pointing out some strange sculpture.


One of my highlights of the event… Having lunch with MELJEAN BROOK! (I went so fangirl on her.)


One of the first panels I went to featuring Anton Strout, Nicole Peeler, Dakota Cassidy, Nancy Holzner and Carolyn Crane.


Another great panel – YES…. Larissa I. and Lara A. together! My brain was going to explode!


One of the biggest surprises for me… I had no idea Anya Bast was going to be there! I was totally stalking her to take this photo.  Hehe.


Another panel.


Stephanie Julian (left) and Anya Bast together… I was so excited!
Some more of my tweeps: Dren, Me and Penny. More women I just adore and love!


Danielle (aka Lush26) and me. She is made of awesome! I really didn’t know her that well before Philly.


Playing “Pin the Penis on the Founding Father” with Dren…. See photo below.


This needs no explanation.


More awesome ladies: Felicia (aka Ferishia), Mandi, KatieBabs, Me and Felicia’s awesome (she has to get on twitter) GF.


This was 1:00 AM at the GREAT FOOD and BEER bar. Cheese fries and Miller High Life with Mandi and Danielle
Friday Aug 12
At the Bookie Awards – we had a winning table. Meljean and Lara were both multiple winners.
Penny, Pam and the most amazing Jaime Saare!


Stephanie Julian dressed as a lovely goddess.


Stephanie J., Felicia (the geeky blogger) and me.


The two Felicias and me. I hadn’t tweeted much with Felicia (geeky blogger) much before this trip and let me tell you – she is so incredible and now another good friend!


Judi Fennell & me – love her genie book and I won her gift bag in the raffle – I have all of her books SIGNED!


Another of the highlights from the trip… Celebrating Larissa I’s birthday in Bell, Marq and Kat’s room..


Kat was all gold from the Mytho’s ball. But she rocked the cake… thank you for including me in the celebration!


Danielle and Lara A. (and Penny in the background)
I think this may have been the birth of the were-fly…
Details to come!


Front to back: Bells, Dren, Danielle, Lara A, Larissa, Larissa I, Kat, Marq and Penny. These women, along with a few others, were the reason AAD was such an unforgettable and amazing experience.

Saturday Aug 13

Marq, Dakota Cassidy and me. Dakota is hands down one of the funniest, loveliest ladies out there!


Elise Hepner
New to me author: Jessa Slade


Eliza Gayle
Me with Monica Burns. I love her – she is so down to earth and funny. Can’t wait to see her again!


Anya Bast


Nancy Holzner


Me with Jennifer Estep


Nichole Peeler and Jess Haines


Me and Jaime Saare
At the Steampunk dinner: Felicia is so cute!


Mandi, Larissa and Pam.


Me, Mandi, Pam, Danielle, Larissa


Larissa, Kat, Bells, Dren and Marq
Anya Bast and me


SO EXCITED… My UK blogging buddies: Sarah, (me) and Jules (Minxy)


Still acting fangirl… Me with Steampunk-Wonder Woman, Meljean


These women ROCK MY WORLD!

Sunday Aug 14

Jules, Me and Sarah.
Me with April (Ava Riley)————————–
Photos from NH RWA Spring Fling
May 15, 2010
Meeting one of my FAVORITE authors, Lara Adrian