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Review: Personal Geography + I..

Posted February 16, 2015 by Vampbard in Erotic Romance, Rating B, Reviews
Review: Personal Geography + Intimate Geography by Tamsen Parker

Personal Geography Intimate Geography Author: Tamsen Parker Reviewer: VampBard Rating: B+ What I’m Talking About: Okay, ladies & gentlemen. These are some seriously smokin’ hot books. However, if you *just* pick up book 1, you’re going to kick yourself, or need to one-click as soon as you finish the first title. I read ‘em back-to-back, […]

Review: Edged Blade by J.C. Da..

Posted February 10, 2015 by Jen in Rating C, Reviews, Urban Fantasy
Review: Edged Blade by J.C. Daniels

Edged Blade Author: J.C. Daniels Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: C What I’m Talking About: Opening a few months after the conclusion of the previous title, Edged Blade continues with Kit’s recovery from her abduction and torture at the hands of an evil vampire (Blade Song). While the majority of Kit’s journey finding her way back […]

Review: Heir of the Dog by Hai..

Posted February 9, 2015 by Vampbard in Rating A, Reviews, Urban Fantasy
Review: Heir of the Dog by Hailey Edwards

Heir of the Dog Author: Hailey Edwards Reviewer: VampBard Rating: A What I’m Talking About: I don’t know what it is about these Black Dog books. I Eat. Them. Up. With engaging writing, an awesome heroine, and a hint of love story, I’m enthralled each time I open up one of them. I never know […]

Sunday Snippet: When Dark Fall..

Posted February 8, 2015 by Una in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: When Dark Falls by Pippa Jay

 About the Book When Dark Falls   Author:  Pippa Jay Publisher:   Self-published Released:  November 14, 2014 Genre:  Urban Fantasy Author contact links:   Amazon, Blog, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Wattpad, Website Purchase links:  All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes ‘N Noble, Bookstrand, Breathless Press, Smashwords Snippet Nocturnelle perched on the carved griffin statue decorating the tower’s cornerstone, […]

Review: Soul Enslaved by Keri ..

Posted January 20, 2015 by Vampbard in Paranormal Romance, Rating A, Reviews
Review: Soul Enslaved by Keri Lake

Soul Enslaved Author: Keri Lake Reviewer: VampBard Rating: A+ What I’m Talking About: I like to come up with hashtags for Keri Lake’s books. This was #GlommingGavin. I fell in love with this Son of Wrath in the first book of this series. His measured control. His compassion. All the little things that make me, […]

Sunday Snippet: Wild Violet by..

Posted January 11, 2015 by Una in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Wild Violet by Vivian Winslow

 About the Book Wild Violet   Author:  Vivian Winslow Publisher:   Self-published Released:  January 13, 2015 Series:   The Vi Trilogy (Gilded Flowers) #1 Genre:  Erotic Romance Author contact links:   Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, Twitter, Website Purchase links:  Amazon Snippet Sweat drips down Vi’s chest as they finish the barre work. Despite every window being open, there’s no respite […]

Sunday Snippet: Catching A Man..

Posted January 4, 2015 by Una in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Catching A Man by Elizabeth Corrigan

 About the Book Catching  A Man  Author:  Elizabeth Corrigan Publisher:   Self-published Released:  November 13, 2014 Series:   Valeriel Investigations #1 Genre:  Fantasy/Science Fiction/Mystery Author contact links:   Blog REVIEW HERE Snippet “Well, I think that we will want to speak with Duke Baurus as soon as may be.”  Fellow frowned at his notebook.  “However, I don’t think […]

Review: For Valentine’s ..

Posted January 2, 2015 by Vampbard in Erotic Romance, Rating A, Reviews
Review: For Valentine’s by Kat & Stone Bastion

For Valentine’s Author: Kat & Stone Bastion Reviewer: VampBard Rating: A+ What I’m Talking About: Really, this is going to be a wrap-up of the No Weddings series, which needs to be read in order. For Valentine’s is the final title, a novella, in the series. I’ve had the privilege of watching the relationship of […]

Review: Catching a Man by Eliz..

Posted December 30, 2014 by Una in Mystery-Suspense Fiction, Rating A, Reviews
Review: Catching a Man by Elizabeth Corrigan

Catching A Man Author: Elizabeth Corrigan Reviewer: Una Rating: A- What I’m Talking About: Catching A Man is the new alternate world detective drama by Elizabeth Corrigan.  After reading two of her previous works, I was intrigued by the premise of this one.  Ms. Corrigan did not disappoint in her new Valeriel Investigations series. This […]

Review: Going All In by Alanna..

Posted December 29, 2014 by Jen in Contemporary Romance, Rating B, Reviews
Review: Going All In by Alannah Lynne

Going All In Author: Alannah Lynne Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: B What I’m Talking About: One year ago Wade Neumann was dumped by his rich, entitled, cheating finance Miranda, who didn’t seem to really care about him at all. With his heart broken he kept going, hating that his boss and good friend, Kevin Mazze, […]

Sunday Snippet: Deeper by Ally..

Posted December 28, 2014 by Una in Sunday Snippet
Sunday Snippet: Deeper by Allyn Lesley

About the Book Deeper  Author:  Allyn Lesley Publisher:   Self-published Released:  January 2015 Genre:  Romantic Suspense Author contact links:   Facebook, Goodreads, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube trailer Snippet Summer 2011 “It’s my time now.” No more than thirteen years old, a girl in hand-me downs and ill-fitting shoes stomped down the sidewalk. Everywhere her plain […]

Review: Beyond Galaxy’s ..

Posted December 19, 2014 by Jen in Rating A, Reviews, Romance, Sci-Fi or Fantasy Fiction
Review: Beyond Galaxy’s Edge (+bonus review) by Anna Hackett

Beyond Galaxy’s Edge Author: Anna Hackett Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: A- What I’m Talking About: Captain Nissa Sander is a by-the-books Patrol Captain with Galactic Security Services. She appreciates order and abhors chaos; however, her convictions don’t prevent her strong attraction to rogue smuggler Justyn Phoenix. Justyn Phoenix lives at Galaxy’s Edge with his two […]

Review: Dragonslayer by Eleri ..

Posted December 16, 2014 by Jen in Paranormal Romance, Rating A, Reviews
Review: Dragonslayer by Eleri Stone

Dragonslayer Author: Eleri Stone Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: A What I’m Talking About: Eleri Stone’s Twilight of the Gods series share the stories of the citizens of Ragnarok, Iowa. They are the Æsir: the descendants of Asgard. I absolutely LOVE that all of these god-descended heroes are farmers in Iowa! The third story in this […]