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Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Starcrossed by Allie Therin

Audiobook review: Starcrossed by Allie Therin Starcrossed opens where the previous book, Spellbound, left off. Rory and Arthur are at Arthur’s brother (Harry)’s home. Mrs. Brodigan and Rory are there to authenticate some of Harry’s collection, while they keep their paranormal friends safe on Harry’s land. Meanwhile back in Manhattan, Zhang and Jade are investigating Mansfield’s […]

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Listen Up! Audiobook Review: Sassy Witch by Danielle Garrett

Audiobook review: Sassy Witch by Danielle Garrett Picking up a few months after the conclusion of the previous book, Sassy Witch opens with Holly and best friend Cassie organizing a Valentine’s Weekend Singles event in Beechwood Harbor. And because nothing ever goes smoothly for Holly, vampires show up at the event, which is followed by the deaths […]

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Posted July 20, 2020 by Jennifer in Listen Up!, Rating A, Urban Fantasy
Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Heartless by Dannika Dark

Audiobook Review: Heartless by Dannika Dark Heartless brings us nine novels deep into Dannika Dark’s Crossbreed series and I’m still in love with the characters and their world. This time around the Keystone group is working a case where Mage females have gone missing. The clues point to them being taken and used in cage matches. […]

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Posted May 25, 2020 by Jen in Historical Romance, Listen Up!, Rating B
Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Jack by Grace Burrowes

Audiobook review: Jack by Grace Burrowes Bachelor Sir Jack – not a rake, and a fine gentleman, is dreading the impending visit of his mother – a woman he can never please. She’s going to be staying with him for a few months after the holidays and he’s at wit’s end. His household staff isn’t gelling, […]

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Posted May 18, 2020 by Jen in Historical Romance, Listen Up!, Rating B
Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Axel by Grace Burrowes

Audiobook review: Axel by Grace Burrowes Axel opens with Axel recently returning home from the holidays at his brother’s home (Matthew, previous book). He is called to his closest neighbor’s home in the middle of the night because Mrs. Stoneleigh found her elderly husband shot dead in his study. Presuming it was suicide, she’s a bit […]

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Posted May 14, 2020 by Jen in Contemporary Romance, Listen Up!, Rating C
Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

Audiobook review: The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler Zoey saved her tips for years so she can finally take her dream vacation to Alaska. Sleeping on the couch in her friend’s swanky hotel suite, Zoey plans excursions that will fulfill her bucket list; however it seems like the world is against her when something goes wrong […]