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Before and After… A Year’s..

Posted January 1, 2013 by Una in Year in Review
Before and After… A Year’s Journey by Una

Twimom has suggested that if I wanted, I could share my weight-loss story with you.  At first, I thought it would be great, that maybe I could help inspire or encourage someone.  Then, after I was looking at the pictures of me through this journey, I was embarrassed and became afraid.  As I would have […]

Confessions of a large thin-pe..

Posted April 13, 2010 by Jen in
Confessions of a large thin-person

I’m going to start by saying… I am not a fat person. I know this about myself. I’ve never been obese or large. I was 25 pounds over-weight at one point, and that was after giving birth to my children. I’ve never had problems losing weight. Sure, I would have to work at it. Weight […]

A Week of Weight Loss

Posted March 16, 2010 by Jen in
A Week of Weight Loss

My first week of Twitloss… Here it is Tuesday afternoon and I’ve already re-writing this post 3 times in my head. The first time was immediately after my weigh-in on Monday. The next time was last night when I went out to dinner and then today, after I’ve had some time to reflect. I think […]